Monday, December 31, 2012

Prayer-Solutions for 2013

For those who are new to this blog, every year at this time I take a moment to look back at what my prayers were for the last year. I've never been much of a fan of New Years Resolutions, and this was something I started after moving away from home after 24 years of living in the same place. God can do so much in a years time that even I had forgotten about my previous worries at the years end.

2013 Prayer-Solutions


My body is feeling very done with being pregnant. I am suppose to have 4 more weeks left, but I am very much discouraged that you won't have me go into labor on my own. Having a toddler at home to watch while I feel less than spectacular has made the second go at pregnancy much harder to deal with. Please help make this labor be easier on my body and let it do what you designed it to do with out so many medical interventions to bring Nolan into the world. While at the same time, help fill in those additional needs surrounded with maternity leave.

I am finding more and more the desire to be a stay at home mom with another child almost here. You know what is best, and you know the stress I've been under while keeping the Youth Center open. But with out a better income to accompany Mr. G, or my side photography business to be consistent...I just don't know how we will handle everything with juggling more expenses/childcare.

Help me be content with where we live. I would love to be closer to family and have the support that I know others benefit from when grandparents are near by. I also think about where my children are and the things I want them to experience about the world around them. Our area has been hit hard and it is a struggle to expose them to different cultures and opportunities.

Please keep my babies safe and healthy. Keep Nolan strong through the rest of this pregnancy so I may hold my baby boy cry in my arms after this marathon.

I don't know if it is to be this year or not, but I can't help but start to see our growing family needing a bigger vehicle. By all means, please help keep our current cars in good working order and to meet our needs. This may be a "want" more so than "need", but with how big those car seats are and being able to get everyone around if not a few folks who need a ride...a mini van would be a very nice blessing.

Please help us grow our MOPS group. You know of the struggles we've been facing in the steering committee. Give us your guidance and peace as to where to move forward with the group. 

2012 Prayer-Solutions Update


I ask that you make it clear as to where we are to live this year. Are your plans to be where we are, or is there another move in the works. IF we are to move, please help me with this transition as you know I struggle with these things. May it be close to some sort of family and opportunities to build new friendships in and outside of work. Not to mention all the logistics of moving with a new member of the family and resources needed to make it happen.

Well, I guess it has been pretty clear that we were to stay in Rome this year. Even in the same house after looking at possibilities at larger places. Rent was too high or we would have down graded on the quality of living.

Its been a tough several number of years in the job department. Please provide a good job.....the RIGHT JOB for Mr. G so we can reduce debt, be covered by benefits and have something left over after all the bills.

Mr. G had an interview back in Feb, but it wasn't until April that an actual job offer came through. It took 5 months later, but this job turned into a full time position.

Please, help us find medical coverage. I grow nervous about needing some assistance with my health needs and it stresses me out. I praise you for giving us help with Eliza. 

With Mr. G getting a job, the cool thing was medical benefits were offered to those at part time. It cost a bit more each month, but this was such a huge blessing and relief to know we could get coverage.

Lord, you know how much I have struggled with this one and the future plans we believe you have for our lives. Please speak to us about the future family member that we know we desire. We love Eliza and want her to benefit from having a little sister or brother. Yet this requires health insurance and stable income to feel like a responsible parent.

Oh how I struggled with this one! As hard as I tried, I couldn't shake the desire in my heart as to the "when" this was to happen. By the time our health coverage was official, we found out we were expecting. The funny thing is, I was more nervous than excited at the news. SO be careful what you pray for...

Please, please help us make forward progress with our calling. We've hit so many road blocks and I can't help but feel discouraged and defeated in the process. Mountains need to be moved in order to get there, which I know fully you are capable of.

This one is somewhat still in the same place. We attended a conference over a weekend and then later was able to take an online class which is one of the requirements for acceptance. Nothing more has happened since the end of the Spring on this.

Please help current relationships and friendships grow and blossom. I have many friends but not very many that are close. You know how much I miss the ones in the west and would love to have the opportunity to visit with them this year and introduce Eliza in person before she is all grown.

God blessed us with being able to take a trip out west and visiting with dear friends. It was painful to leave though as it was apparent of what I had been missing from the rest of everyone's lives. I am however thankful for MOPS as it has blossomed into some good friends to connect with outside of work and church. 

As Eliza grows, keep her healthy and happy. Help me be content with her constant growing up. I hope I can still see the little peanut I held when she grows up to be a God fearing young woman. I love her spunky spirit and smile that could light up Las Vegas.

We have been fortunate at how healthy Eliza has been in this last year. I believe we've only had 2 ear infections, with one requiring a visit to the ER late one night.

The Excitement of Art

As you can see, our little budding artist enjoyed some of the fruits of her Christmas gifts from some kind family friends. Eliza did NOT like having her paper taped to the table and quickly protested by ripping said tape off. 

But in actuality, I think she like big kid art supplies better than anything grip modified. At least most of the marker went on the paper than her face and hands.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Before and After

Christmas just keeps getting more fun each year as Eliza continues to grow and becomes more aware of Christmas and the excitement of Christmas morning. We were blessed to have the opportunity to get out to Mr. G's parents house a day earlier than expected. Also, to have the extra help with a toddler so parents could also rest and relax. This came in handy when I came down with an infection and any moving or getting much sleep was a struggle.

I love the curiosity of her first present opened and the joy which came afterwards.

What could this be?......Oh's clothes!

Some fun shots taken of the Nativity set at the alter on Christmas Eve
I am so ever grateful for the family I've married into. They've opened their hearts, home and generosity to us this season when we've been unable to do it ourselves. I kept thanking my MIL for this and she has to stop me because, "That is what family is for."

By the way:
Still getting underwear for Christmas is still very awesome!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Captive Thoughts

Have you ever encountered a situation that was hard to shake from your thoughts for the rest of the day? It could be hearing bad news, a disagreement or even disappointment.

I struggle to leave my work mind at work at the end of the day when all the kiddos have gone home and I've secured the building. I pick my daughter up from the sitters and meander through thoughts of what on EARTH shall I fix for dinner and if Mr. G will be home for the evening. Then there are those days where I am frustrated with a situation while my brain wants to analyze it in every dimension and it festers.

Fester...isn't it an interesting word? defines it as: to putrefy or rot.

It rots alright, taking away my joy for the rest of the day and maybe into the next few. Tonight I struggle to keep my thoughts captive and instead be positive about the joy I've had at MOPS and the fun to look forward in this coming week.


Far from it!

I have lost count at how many times I've had to redirect my thoughts to something else. Even writing this post temps me to wander back to this situation.

I am a sinner, forgiven by Christ and a work in progress. I am no better than anyone else in thinking I must be given Christian brownie points in ministry 101. I too, am imperfect and need the strength of my heavenly Father to make it through even the most trivial aspects of life.

Friday, December 14, 2012

You Don't Exist!

Eliza was NOT a fan of Santa this year.

Eliza- "If I close my eyes tight enough, he doesn't exist"...

Santa-"If I cover my eyes, she doesn't exist"

Our first encounter with the Jolly Man
What a difference a year makes in a child's fear factor!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Say What?

Toddler Walking A Mastiff Dog

I've come to the recent observation that having a toddler in your house is much like having a dog again. NEVER did I think in this difficult patience building stage would I be repeating on a daily basis corrections like:



Get down

Drop it

Stay out of the trash!

I am sure "Do you need to go potty" will eventually follow.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It Is Finished

The light at the end of the tunnel had come into focus. And after a bad night of pregnancy insomnia that I used to get through the brunt of the production work, enabled me to make the real push through. Each leaf is a name of a person or family who contributed to raising the funds required to adopt Reheim (age 5) and Tia (age 7) from the Caribbean, on the island of St. Vincent. 

The family loves it, and I am pretty satisfied with the outcome considering all the names to be incorporated. Even after years and years since some of these photo textures were taken, I still seem to remember the story or past visit of where they came from. I will have to add to the library again as it proved to be hard to get enough variety as I scanned and re scanned images for use.

The final piece resides at  a little over 700 megs as a Photoshop Document while the finished print is 16 x 16. I think the last PS layer created was counted as 113, yeowza!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finally a Name!

My first pregnancy, we had a name for our daughter at 20 or so weeks.

This time around, I had one picked out at at maybe 23 weeks. 


Mr. G was not sold on this first name even when I said it did not come from any online list of boy names, but directly from God. For weeks and weeks I have been bugging him about what his thoughts were about it, as I wanted to publicly use it and bond with my son. Most times, the response given was, "I haven't really given it much thought."

Oh did that drive me nuts!

Then late this evening, after discussion over dental insurance plans and coverage, Mr. G comes into the office and drops the news that our son will be named:

Nolan James Matthew G

He normally doesn't like two middle names, but this was my bargaining card to play in order to try and increase my chances of the first name. For myself, I am particular with boy names because I want a name that doesn't get circumcised from childhood to adulthood or has various nick names to go with it. Not very many girls names go through this, so the idea is kind of lost on me as to why it happens with boys. Granted, when he is a baby or young boy, we may use the moniker with in the family or Facebook as Champ.

Nolan: Champion

James/Matthew: Family member names 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Finer Motor Skills

"If God didn't want us to pick our noses....he wouldn't have 
made our fingers fit so well"

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trying to be that COOL mom

I've seen this on Pintrest for quite some time, but never could remember to pick up some glow sticks from the dollar aisle at Target. After looking for a cart near the electronics section, there was an abandoned one with a few misc items. Low and behold, a tube of 15 sticks for a buck was found!

When the lights turned off and the door was shut, this friendly tub didn't look the same as before. But as soon as I placed Eliza in the water, she quickly warmed up to the fun!

I did my best to try and capture some of the fun. The camera had a hard time finding enough light in order to focus to some extent. Things worked when she pulled the rings out of the water and I got a few fun shots. Enjoy!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Bad Mom

Here are my Bad Mom confessions as of late:

I keep a Wii-mote in the office. When I am getting work done and need some time for myself, I can cue up another episode of Curious George on Netflix from my desk since the signal is still in contact.

Pajamas stay on until we have to leave the house for the sitters and work.

The 3 second rule becomes the 3 day rule around the high chair.

Monday, November 26, 2012

31 weeks

Well, it was that time for the next anatomy scan. Mr. G was able to come and be the toddler wrangler so I could enjoy this special mile marker in pregnancy. And what a difference it makes in my blood pressure, lol! We weren't expecting to get a 3D image at the OB office, and I knew these were harder to do due to baby getting more squished.

Everything looked great, and Champ is hovering around the average size for weight. With a second gender scan, we can safely say he's still a boy! For once, this kid was still and quiet, compared to the gymnastics he does through out the day. He wasn't fully head down,  but down at a diagonal angle.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mixed Blessings

When you have young children, at what age do you have to actually start buying them Christmas gifts yourselves instead of just relying on the grandparent gifts?

Things again are tight this time of year. Yet, I know we are blessed this go around for the simple fact that Mr. G has a full time job and we have health insurance. We were only able to get medicaid for Eliza, which was a huge relief considering. My pregnancy has been relatively complication free and the gift of a baby boy will soon be coming.

Not that Mr. G and I have been big into giving each other gifts, but this is the time of year where I want to surprise him. Looking online, I found a good deal for an all in one printer. With him being the family banker, I knew I had to get permission to see what I could possibly spend and still have some surprise kept. To my dismay, he said he really didn't know if there would be anything to spend for Christmas this year. I wasn't all too worried about Eliza having gifts this year, but my mind went towards the baby's needs. So far it is looking doubtful for anyone throwing a shower this go around, but of all needs are basic like a crib mattress.

I read online articles about the Black Friday creep and folks out doing the family Christmas shopping. Part of me feels left out though that we can't even buy our own immediate family gifts of some toys, snuggly pajamas, socks and underwear.

Maybe I am just needing a pity party right now. Get if off my chest so I can move forward in the blessings we have and the blessings yet to come that are unseen.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Would being Jewish be Easier?

I am feeling rather stuck between two different feelings about this Christmas season.

To decorate or not to decorate is my perplexing question.

We recently found out that there was no chance of being able to drive down to the grandparents house for Christmas due to Mr. G not being able to get Christmas Eve off. So we let the family know that they were going to come our way instead. Not the most ideal since they can't be under our roof due to space, but at least we would be over all happier with our own spaces.

Fast forward to last night. Due to Champ coming the following months end and a trip planned instead, the grandparents felt that two trips out there in the short time span wasn't possible. They proposed to celebrate a little later right before New Years when we could get more than a day out that way.


Wha? So not what I had in my head. Having my in-laws come out for us to host would be the ONLY reason to even put up a tree. No one else comes over, no special parties thrown, all this decoration to have to be hauled back in storage, not to have been seen by anyone anyways.

Growing up, Christmas morning was anything but desirable. As an adult who is married with a child and one on the way, I've been trying to achieve some of this Christmas Day magic. This change in plans does nothing of the sort. 

Now I feel like the wind has been knocked from my sails in getting at all excited in decorating our little place. Do I even bother with a little table top tree that I will undoubtedly have to tell Eliza to "no touch" over and over?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just a Little Excited

So, I have been asked by a wonderful family to do a piece of custom artwork in anticipation of them bringing home their new son and daughter. Originally, they thought God wanted them to adopt one child, but then they were asked if they would adopt a brother and sister! They will be a family of 5!

You can read all about their journey and family updates here

If anyone is familiar with what it takes to adopt a child, let alone 2 children at the same time AND internationally...there is a great deal of cost involved. From home studies to the expensive fees charged to file paper work with both can discourage any family, wondering if God will provide the funds to grow the love in their hearts.

The family is almost to their goal in picking up the kids and they are very grateful for those who have donated to the cause. Because of this, they want a special way to remember all these lovely people by Incorporating all their names in a tree.

Immediately when I heard this, my mind took off and quickly started composing a concept in my head. It has been awhile since I dusted off my digital illustration skills, and this is a welcomed project. I've done some commercial pieces for the wife and the Young Salvationist magazine she is the editor of in the past. But this project has a whole different excitement attached to it.

When finished, I'll post it.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Here are a few of the latest FB posts that I thought were a little blog worthy.....

I can't tell you how much I HATE the pink sticky Amoxicillin that has to be given to a struggling Eliza two times a day! Glad she doesn't get sick all that often.

Nothing like getting a wrong number from an inmate at a federal prison :)

"Sweetheart, just hold on for a little longer. Momma is hard at work microwaving"

I found her a few nights like this during my usual bedtime checks.
It makes me think of a new born pose

Sunday, November 11, 2012


During my last pregnancy, it took forever to get much of a baby bump. Then throw in the cold and snowy winters we get here and I wasn't exactly confident with myself in having pictures taken to mark that time in my life. Well, having a winter baby has pushed the bump to a better time this fall. With husband at hand, a directed him to get some fun shots. I SO wish I could take my own though!

There were many ideas I wanted to try out, but having an 18 month old showed me they are not always on the same page or book for that matter in cooperating for the sake of those special shots. So it was very much a take it or leave it and be grateful for what you did get shoot.

And for all that patience we asked of Eliza, we treated her to a short visit at the park. I say short because Mr. G didn't heed my warnings about the big kid swings and she went forward, earning half a face full of mud!

Over all, I guess I am content with the picture we got over this weekend. I am not exactly thrilled with how big I look, but what pregnant woman DOESN'T pick apart her appearance? The chances of getting another weekend like this in November are slim to none, especially with how much darker the afternoon gets. Noon to 4 pm is the most ideal time window if the sun shows its face. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Com' On

Have you ever had one of those moments where it seems like you can't catch a break? You patiently wait and wait for an opportunity to bestow itself and yet something last minute comes up to rain?

I've been trying to get Eliza's 18 month pictures taken for some time now. As she is quite the strong willed toddler, I need a baby wrangler...aka Mr. G to help so I can better focus on getting the shots. With the rain and cold weather, I have been wondering if I will ever get these pictures done. 

As chance had it, things were warm enough and the sun also decided to peek through the clouds. But as chance also had it, Mr. G had to leave to play Taps at a gave side funeral. Okay, so we push on and give it a shot solo.

Things started out splendidly as I carried Eliza in my arms and then had my ankle roll while stepping out the back door and we fall together with my camera swinging around and clunking her in the head. We don't have a fenced in backyard so I didn't want her running in whatever direction. She of course had other ideas and this led to the melt down.

I called it quits when there was no chance for a happy smile no matter what Elmo song I sung and figured she was just tired. Nap time was something else and she kept complaining, crying and over all was a real crank fest.

Things have pretty much not stopped since then with only wanting to eat gram crackers and some juice. It is currently 7:30 and it feels like it has been all night with how much darker the day gets in the afternoon.

I only got a few pictures out of it, but nothing of what I had wanted to get with her special shirt picked just for this time. Maybe tomorrow will be better?


Saturday, November 3, 2012


I am buzzing with such the creative organizing high right now...

I blame this on a case of pregnancy nesting. But I LOVE organization that is cheap and easy to make myself and of course creative. I totally know why The Container Store does such good business. Organizing can be addicting. Now if ONLY I had a bigger house. I am such a nerd when I have a dream where I discover an extra room in my home or a room has all this extra space with a loft.

Just something I pinned on Pintrest

After walking around Target, I stumbled in the toddler toys section. They carry the B toys. Eliza has a few of their items from the grandparents. I just love how they are unique and not to much gender specific. Also, they have some of the classic wooden toy-ness incorporated in some.  
Eliza goes NUTS for this thing and drive US nuts with it during movies. At least it has a volume button!
The latest addition
Since I had sold a few items online that Eliza had outgrown or never got around to wearing, I decided that this magna doodle pad would be a nice thing to surprise my budding artist. No markers to dry out or lose, paper to rip through and minimal pieces. On the back is a bean bag pad, perfect for longer car trips. It retails for about $17 which doesn't break the bank. Mommy likes that factor :)

Then, I spot such the cute frivolous outfit for one of those baby milestone picture sessions. This is an inexpensive classy option for a boy when the girls have all those fairy wings and ballerina tutus. 

(Note, I am sorry to say that I was not sponsored by any of these companies. Thoughts and comments are of my own)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Little of This, a little of That

Nothing too exciting going on here despite Sandy being in the recent news. We don't live coastal or anything, so I have experienced MUCH harder storms of wind and rain on a normal basis while living in the Vancouver WA/Portland  OR metro area. My in-laws who do live just outside of NYC still don't have any power yet, but aren't suffering any super hardships.

Halloween was very quiet around here. The weather was cold and wet, while those die hard trick or treaters were out and about, but not in our hood. We decided to go out of Chinese food and a trip to the rental store. After Eliza was secured in her room, we put on Prometheus. I've always been a fan of the early Alien trilogy, and it was interesting to get a little more back story. Despite some very vivid dreams afterwards, none contained any chest busters or face suckers :)

Can you believe it folks? I am nearly into my 3rd trimester. This month will start the every 2 week appointments. I recently did the dreaded glucose test. It came back with another elevated report back. Yet, it was only 1 point over my last pregnancy result of 148. The cut off is 140. Last time I did the grueling 3 hour test, making me very sick and weak. This time I put my foot down. Even though I did fast, I still had to take some medications. Not to mention, I was having the worst congestion and allergies kicking up. Just enough to throw off results, as I think the same happened the last time around.
   So the Dr. agreed to not force me through another test or label me as a gestational diabetic. Even more so, when my pee was tested at this visit, there was no positive for glucose present and I am measuring spot on. TAKE THAT! Sometimes, you just know your body well enough to feel at peace when you aren't even showing any other signs of GD. When I deliver the baby, they will however monitor his blood sugar. I'm okay with that. It is better than pricking myself 4 times a day and going in every week.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012


Here's to hoping we can get some better sleep in the mornings. This 6 ish am wake up calls to our bed is getting old. Not only will she want to play in our bed, she focuses on my phone charging on the night stand. I wouldn't care about her watching Netflix, but she goes all fingers and ends up stopping and navigating away from the show.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

18 Month Appointment

Here we are again at the Doctors for a well baby visit. I was curious as to just how heavy my little girl had become since Mommy was feeling it all the more with being pregnant. Eliza is starting to remember more now about these appointments and that they are not exactly fun moments.

Here is where we stand:

Weight: 23.9 (38th %)
Height: 32" (59 %)
Head: 45.5 cm (20th %)

It looks like I am still cautiously able to pick my little girl up with out concern for my own safety yet in doing too much, but that will of course change when the baby is here in the first few months in lifting much of anything else than said baby. Hard to think I am 26 weeks along now. Last baby at this time I was already into January, feeling like April was so very long away.

If I can just get myself to Christmas, it will be mostly down hill from there. The kids will be on winter break, leaving a lot less stress and physical strain in the daily work details, then January 11th I go on maternity leave. But even trying to get to Christmas seems like a giant mountain in the distance.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Now I know I might be a tad bit late on the weekly meal planning wagon, but with now only working part time again and having a toddler to feed at regular intervals, I am hating the dreaded question of, "What do you want for dinner?"

We do our food shopping trip week to week, or pay check to pay check depending, so as wild as my imagination can be, its tough to be limited to a tight budget where you have to ask yourself if you want a package of meat or lunch meat for the week. They come to about the same price.

I know there are tons of crock pot concoctions out there, but I don't want everything boiled or soup all the time. Especially when it involves pasta, since I can't be there to throw it in at the right moment. Not to mention by the time I get home from work and picking up Eliza from the sitters, it is already 6:30. Making and freezing isn't all that doable since we have limited space in our freezer. Don't get me wrong, making soup and freezing it for later is fine, but there is an extent to how much my husband wants soup in the week.

So if you have found any good staples in your weekly dinners that can work for a tight budget and/or time frame and substituting canned goods in for fresh can work, send them my way in the comments :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Do you know those chapters or seasons in your life where the cliche "light at the end of the tunnel" phase seems like a real crock?

It seems that both of my pregnancies have been faced with some of the same struggles. The pain, frustration, cries....all swirling inside as this life, a gift from God squirms with no thought or concept of what life means yet.

I am tired

Tired of the same which finds no true lasting progress.

I am tired

Tired of the weight of the responsibility I must continue to drudge through for the sake of making sure my family can be taken care of in the most basic of ways.

I am tired

Tired of wanting to run away from the same pit which has been called home for the last almost 3 years of this season of life. A pit which sides only grow taller as I fight to crawl out of, only to have the sides crumble inward, weighing me down all the more with it's filth and darkness.

And the strange thing is, from the outside...things have been growing, but at what cost? 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just a Few Thoughts

Pregnancy in your late 2nd trimester and your bowling score do not go well together. Who knew?

Feeling guilty at how much the TV is on playing Netflix. Most of it is educational ie Sesame Street and all....yet I find I have a more pleasanter child that lets me get some sort of work done around the house. Sometimes she just sits there and watches, other times she is busy messing around the house. We live in a very media rich culture and Eliza isn't at an age where I can chase her out of the house to play outside. Even I myself like the noise going on as I go from room to room.

Looking pretty set on sleepers and onesies for baby boy for the next few months of NE weather. Starting to feel the nesting itch, but it feels different the second time around. Feels more like a chore than a fun activity. It could be the fact that both kids will share a room and most of the "work" is done already. No new room decore theme to toil over. Sigh...but things could be much worse.

I have been quite successful in my domestic wife skills as far as meal planning. I love having something more balanced and good to eat than scavenging over bowls of cereal, lunch meat and cheese or potato roll sliders with butter.

I am at that point where even maternity clothes make me feel awkward. Then the normal wear isn't long enough to cover appropriately. Sigh....only 15 more weeks right?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A West Coast Dumpster Score

There is nothing sweeter than finding some piece of discard that has big potential for someone else....

My mother found this glider foot stool out by the dumpster near her boyfriends retired apartment complex. The fabric was faded and missing a button in the upholstery, but the mechanics and bones were in excellent shape. So when we did our big San Diego trip, she pulled this treasure out to see if I could do anything with it.


You seen, right before Eliza came into our lives, we had our 2nd year wedding anniversary...not to mention our tax return check:) Before we were married, I declared a rider to the marriage vows, "If you knock me up, you will gift me with a nice padded glider rocker for this blessing." When that time came, I looked and looked for something in our budget, and something that would also look more like any room furniture when those fleeting chapters were no more. After finding something, I came to the conclusion that I didn't have to have the matching $150 ottoman. It was nice, but trying to consider was a bit too much. Oh how I wanted one though since!

Mother and I promptly went to Joann Fabric to look at home decor material. I had always admired the geometric and modern prints, but it is always a bit pricey and I haven't felt the urge to make curtains or throw pillows for myself. The sex of the baby was not 100% identified, but enough to make me try and consider possibilities of something boy friendly. Yet, we still have a girl who will be sharing the room. This might be a tad girly, but HEY, its for me ain't it?

Here you will see the easy step by step process of reupholstering the pad. I know many may know this stuff already, but if you haven't taken that plunge with a staple gun and fabric...this is for you! 

Not much for chic decor

Hey, it's got a nice frame

Cut your fabric long enough so it will wrap along all sides that will be exposed, plus a little extra to be stapled. Put one staple on each side at the mid point. This will ensure you don't have any wrinkles on the other side which will be seen.

Do each side, pulling an inch or so of fabric to be stapled until you get to the corners. Leave those for later.

I took the extra corner fabric and folded it inward, much like wrapping a gift. It should make an angled overlap to be seen on each side.

After you've tackled the corners, feel free to be a perfectionist and cut away any extra fabric past where your staples are in place. Depending on your piece of furniture, you can now reattach it to the base. If it can't be removed, all is still possible but may take longer to staple.

And Voila! A new cushion pad with no wrinkles or having to spend big $$$