Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just a Little Excited

So, I have been asked by a wonderful family to do a piece of custom artwork in anticipation of them bringing home their new son and daughter. Originally, they thought God wanted them to adopt one child, but then they were asked if they would adopt a brother and sister! They will be a family of 5!

You can read all about their journey and family updates here

If anyone is familiar with what it takes to adopt a child, let alone 2 children at the same time AND internationally...there is a great deal of cost involved. From home studies to the expensive fees charged to file paper work with both can discourage any family, wondering if God will provide the funds to grow the love in their hearts.

The family is almost to their goal in picking up the kids and they are very grateful for those who have donated to the cause. Because of this, they want a special way to remember all these lovely people by Incorporating all their names in a tree.

Immediately when I heard this, my mind took off and quickly started composing a concept in my head. It has been awhile since I dusted off my digital illustration skills, and this is a welcomed project. I've done some commercial pieces for the wife and the Young Salvationist magazine she is the editor of in the past. But this project has a whole different excitement attached to it.

When finished, I'll post it.

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