Thursday, November 22, 2012

Would being Jewish be Easier?

I am feeling rather stuck between two different feelings about this Christmas season.

To decorate or not to decorate is my perplexing question.

We recently found out that there was no chance of being able to drive down to the grandparents house for Christmas due to Mr. G not being able to get Christmas Eve off. So we let the family know that they were going to come our way instead. Not the most ideal since they can't be under our roof due to space, but at least we would be over all happier with our own spaces.

Fast forward to last night. Due to Champ coming the following months end and a trip planned instead, the grandparents felt that two trips out there in the short time span wasn't possible. They proposed to celebrate a little later right before New Years when we could get more than a day out that way.


Wha? So not what I had in my head. Having my in-laws come out for us to host would be the ONLY reason to even put up a tree. No one else comes over, no special parties thrown, all this decoration to have to be hauled back in storage, not to have been seen by anyone anyways.

Growing up, Christmas morning was anything but desirable. As an adult who is married with a child and one on the way, I've been trying to achieve some of this Christmas Day magic. This change in plans does nothing of the sort. 

Now I feel like the wind has been knocked from my sails in getting at all excited in decorating our little place. Do I even bother with a little table top tree that I will undoubtedly have to tell Eliza to "no touch" over and over?

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