Saturday, April 27, 2013


I am always hunting an online garage sale site in my area to see if anything might fit out needs. But the best posts are those that can fit a need and are FREE! I had Mr. G pick up this dresser which as you can see was in some rough shape. The dove tail joints were popping out on the drawers and there was a jury rigging attempt on the top drawer guide.

With the hardware missing and VERY outdated, this was going to require a lot of elbow grease with my mouse sander, primer and new hardware.

Here is the finished product. When I say I got this free, what I really mean is that I sunk roughly 60 dollars into it in supplies. It seems that no matter the amount of thought towards going with a plain practical color choice, I kept gravitating towards an aqua tone. I do like how the color turned out though. From what I thought would fix the drawer guide, isn't and its a bit of a bear to open, so I will have to continue figuring out how to overcome this annoying set back. But it does fit a need for Nolan's clothing and sits inside the kids closet at 40" wide.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well Baby Visits

I was very curious as to how this appointment would go with being able to do both WC at the same time, saving myself from the joy of two separate visits. I had been feeling like Nolan really made some weight gain from last visit, while his sister I knew had been growing like a weed! Eliza is only missing one molar from having all her teeth. I wonder if Nolan will decide to get some teeth before Eliza at 5.5 months old.

For Mr. Man's nearly 3 month stats...Ht: 24.5 (74th%) Wt: 13 lbs. 9 oz (63rd%) and head: 47th%

Well, for my 2 year old little or not so little lady...Ht: 35.5 (88th%) Wt: 29 lbs. (77th%) 
and on the other side of the scale...Head: 14th%!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Living Two Years Large

It has been a very crazy and fun filled 2 years with this little girl who is always changing and making mommy and daddy scratch their heads each day. We had a little celebration with some MOPS friends at Chuck E. Cheese that was thrown together last minute. I enjoyed being able to celebrate on her actual birthday this time of April 19th. Quite the easy way to do an un-party since our place isn't suited to entertain and the weather here is just too unpredictable for this time of the year.

Bring on the terrible two's!

If you've been hold back on us....

Monday, April 15, 2013


Someone is going to have a birthday this week.....eeeek!

Currently in the works

Last Sunday during church while on Mr. G's lap
And BTW, when are we EVER going to get this thing called "spring" in Central NY???

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Married Mother

You know you are a married mother when...

The sight of a basket full of washed clean sippy cups all ready to go is very attractive.

You find random boogers on your self that have the strongest cling-on effect. 

Sitting in a car in silence for an hour with your tablet in the driveway sounds wonderful.

It is a treat to go out to eat and not have to ask the hostess for a high chair or kids menu.

You husband finds random nursing pads on his side of the bed.

Its a blessing if you don't have to pick up the kids from childcare after work.

Finding a missing baby sock that has eluded you forever but find they have out grown it.

You find yourself with the husband after the kids have gone to bed and you're still watching kids cartoons.

Having to wait until your kids birthday to give them their gifts is harder on you.