Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Ever since we knew we were going to be expecting another baby around the corner, thoughts of logistics and what not came to mind with already having a baby to begin with. I knew the present crib wasn't all that suited to convert into a toddler bed since the mattress still sat a little high for my liking. Plus, we still needed that crib to be a crib.

God provides. From the same family we were given the hand me down crib, we were blessed with a toddler bed that was in need of some TLC. Some wood had been busted where a support bolt went through by the foot of the bed. They had painted it blue from the original cream it came in to suit both their boys. With some replacement hardware and a quart of cream paint, we had a new bed for Eliza.

I was driven in wanting to start this journey of transition since I certainly don't have a baby for a daughter anymore. The high chair tray has been removed, making it a raised seat we push to the table. In fact, she can climb right into it herself!

Last night we did everything the same for the bedtime routine. After a story I lifted the mattress out from the crib, containing all the same smells of her present bedding and hoisted it to the new bed. With one song of "Jesus loves Me", I laid her down. She plunked her head down and just as I was leaving, the water works ensued. I just continued to leave the room like I always did when crying before night time happened in the crib. Our room is right next door and I laid down on the bed, listening intently for signs of escape and pidder patter towards the door.  With in 15 minutes, the cries stopped.

I had done it!

An hour later we both went in to check on her, only to find an empty bed. Where had she gone to!? Daddy found her all curled up on her blanket on the floor between the bed and glider. Eliza was scooped up and re-tucked in with out a peep.

At 8 am, I heard the usual wake up cry and then steps towards the door with pounds of protest. We made it the whole night!

Nap time today was more of a struggle with having to go in a few times to re-comfort, but I am writing this post as she sleeps.

On to big and bright things my not so little one :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's Just Not the Same

It has been nearly 1 week since my new diet change. Every time I pick something up, I have to check the label or wonder if there will be SOMETHING at the event I might be able to eat.

Fat makes so many things taste GOOD!

So far, the fat free/nearly any versions of butter, cream cheese and milk just aren't the same. The jury is still out on fat free cheese. I've got some pizza dough going right now in the bread machine after the pre-made/cooked sheet from Walmart didn't go so well. Interestingly enough, I am allowed to have Canadian bacon.

At work, I played Russian roulette with a BBQ rib on a bun. It is much like the McDonald's McRib. I am not sure of how it played out later in the evening, but I had some mild stomach discomfort. Nothing in comparison to the attack, but if that was all....I might just get a little adventurous while San Diego with some home town favorites. But alas, I don't think I'll be able to enjoy any Mexican :(   

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Labor and Delivery

Never thought I would be admitted to this floor until I was having some sort of contractions and be over 37 weeks...........

But I guess you can get an additional entry by having a gallbladder attack!

Sunday afternoon as I was driving home from a Pampered Chef party, I felt something come on much like the same pain of a contraction. The pain didn't stop but I chalked it up to not feeling so well before hand and thought laying down on the couch would solve it. Mr. G went to the church for a prayer meeting while I had Eliza.

Funny thing is...the pain didn't stop, but escalated. There was no such position I could get into to lessen this pain. I swore I was having back labor and Pitocin administered. Mr. G is called and we all head for the E.R. What a painful 22 minutes that was. The pain was so bad it was causing nausea. Then catching sight of a road kill Bambi with lower entrails falling out certainly didn't help, but Mr. G swears it was a raccoon dining upon. ACK!

We didn't wait long in triage, but with a new computer system in swing, a shift change and lots of patients...I kept begging for a doctor to approve me for some liquid relief. They were of course concerned about the baby and wanted to make sure they weren't really contractions. Two separate visits to the ultrasound room came after I got something good going through my IV.

To make a long story short, after being there for 6 hours, with a 15 mo old, I was being admitted to L&D for pain management of the many gallstones which were sprinkled on the screen. Mr. G took our tired and sleeping little lady home around 3 am. I will say was so nice to cuddle with her on my chest after many months of not breast feeding. I was discharged later the next day after lunch. We had to meet with a dietitian to inform me of my new CRAP-TASTIC diet. Such a cruel thing to do to a pregnant woman and the cravings we can have. I guess I won't worry about gaining much weight this time around!

The hidden blessing of all of this was getting to gaze at our baby for a VERY long time on screen. Our tech was naughty and printed us off some pictures AND took a stab and the gender. If she was a betting woman, she would say its a 90% chance of a....

HA! Ya'll are going to have to wait until my 20 week scan to know the answer to this. But here are some fun shots taken.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

My own Marathon

Nope, not the runner here, but I am pretty good at running myself into the ground when it comes to certain times of the year. At work, we have an 8 week summer afternoon program. It is free to the community and open to those who have finished Kindergarten to  going into 6th grade.

This year I will have completed running it being pregnant the WHOLE 8 weeks. The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming stronger as August 17th is our last day. Then toss in 2 more half work days of glorious cleaning and putting away.....and I am officially on VACATION! San Diego can't get here any sooner. After this last week, I think I may have run myself down a bit too low. Last night on Friday, I went to be before my own daughter! We then all slept in till around 10 am (thank you Jesus). Mr. G continued his sleep as usual and I made pancakes.

Oh, did I mention I got my hair cut WITHOUT a toddler on my lap today? Yes indeed, it's true. I hadn't had a cut since before Eliza's birthday. My usual due had grown out, became heavy and subject to imprisonment of a hair tie most days. The weather has not been kind with the heat and humidity either. Some nights it's a big stick dinner, no lie. I then later feel asleep to the Olympics on the couch for a mid afternoon nap. I try and take advantage of them on the weekends when ever possible.

I can do this...I can do this... 

Monday, August 6, 2012

The small things

They can be as simple as de-cluttering your creative sewing/craft space. I've been slowly trying to add to my fabric stash. If I was motivated at the time, maybe they've been preshrunk...or not.

Yet, they would only become shoved on the top shelf in the open closet above the machine. It was pretty common to not always see what I had and overlook a pattern from this issue alone. So I shrunk, folded and sorted it all...even the fat quarters! Due to Eliza throwing mostly fits in the PnP and tossing all items on the floor, I felt it was time to ditch the sucker and use the space more appropriately for my ironing board. Now I don't have to work from the kitchen laundry area and make trip after trip down the hallway to the back office/sewing area.

It may have seemed small and not very impact full to the whole family needs, but what a WORLD of difference it makes to me :) 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I feel for those who have visited this blog and been disappointed in the lack of new content. I've been there with others and know the pain.

I am feeling rather defeated right now. You know when you try and try with all your heart but it is never good enough to push through all the muck? Yes, this is where I sit this evening. A lot of the rest of this year is very much an unknown puzzle maze to navigate. What I do know is certain is a baby in January-February-ish.

This pregnancy still seems to be crawling away. Today I am 14 weeks and 4 days. Yet I can't help but reflect upon a dear friend of mine who experienced her first time being pregnant and first miscarriage. What I DO have going for me is a true blessing. Time may be crawling, but this child is still alive inside, thriving.

My daughter was bit today while at the sitters...and I am sorta happy Eliza got a taste of her own pain. I thought she was out of the biting phase, but seems to have come  back :^/

We have a referral put in for an early intervention consultation for Eliza and her speech development. We really only have 3 words spoken. LOTS of giberish, but about it. I am not too worried as this is at no cost for us, and if they do see concern, it is only for her benefit.

Only 2.5 more weeks left of this full time working. I look forward to having more relaxed days of getting things done and playing around the house.