Wednesday, July 25, 2012

15 Month Update

Eliza took her groggy mother in for a doctors appointment before work. I was curious as to just how much she has grown in 3 months. We came in at 22 pounds (36%), 31 inches (66%) and 17% for head.

The Ped asked how many words she was saying. The only ones I will count are "Momma", "Dadda" and "hi". She babbles and speaks all sorts of gibberish while pretending to talk on a phone...aka the tv remote.

When I brought up the bow-legged concern, they said it was not considered uncommon until 2 years of age.

Then what would a well baby visit be with out a shot or two!

Now I know they are recommending keeping toddlers rear facing for as long as possible, but with this pregnancy and my back....I went right home and switched that sucker around. What a difference! I no longer have to fight to keep a mirror in position. She doesn't throw a fit getting into her seat...just a whole new experience. My back is MUCH happier too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yes, still alive, still working 35 hours a week in this NY humid heat....

12 weeks and 3 days pregnant

Lost a couple pounds from last baby appointment, wahoo!

I know this post must sound boring, but I seem to be too tuckered out to explain all the daily excitement of keeping a messy house going on around me. 

I will try to get something blog worthy up over this weekend, I promise!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Out On a Shoot

I was blessed to do a newborn session for a wonderful mamma of my local MOPS group. I was so impressed for how good she looked for having a c-section only 6 days prior. Baby K so very sweet and tiny. Makes me wonder if Eliza was ever that small?

With this opportunity, I wanted to try out an idea of crafting something easy and cheap for a costume prop. As lovely as some other baby pictures can be with clever surroundings, I feel they can almost overwhelm the baby and take away the focus of this new life. All I did was find some green tights, tie one end in a knot, make a slit and then leave the rest open where I had cut the one leg off. The difficulty was not having my model ahead of time to see how things would fit and stretch around this peanut. But with a few alterations on the fly with scissors, there was success!

Oh course, after all has been said, done, packed up and edited...many more ideas come to mind which won't happen with the same family. I believe the success of some people's pictures is the very nature of the child or siblings cooperation. Then there is the surrounds you have to work with. Some houses have great bay windows which reach floor to ceiling, letting in all this natural lighting to your advantage. In this case, we had to move things from outside due to the wind and safety to the upstairs bedroom. The nice thing about it was a skylight right over the bed giving me some different possibilities. 

A lot of the reality of these shoots. Lots of crying and lots of breaks in between pit stops

Then they just curl up into this....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Howdy folks, I guess I need to do some better up keep around this thing. Summer should be no excuse, but life certainly can make opportune times to make it hard.

The biting continues....oh joy!

Ketchup is a food group, right? Eliza has found that you can dip your fries in it. And when that gets boring, fingers also work just as well. Then throw in a new art medium as well!

I am hating having to name a new child. Mainly because I throw so many different ones to Mr. G and I seem to get, "That is a middle name.....a last name" I am only focusing on Boy names as this is what I keep telling myself we are having. The most recent one I like is "Finley" and means Pure Hero. Unfortunately the MIL thinks those names are too old sounding. Sigh.....she even thinks "Charlotte"  is out dated!

12 weeks can't seem to make it here fast enough. Currently 10.5.

Tickets are bought for the end of August to visit my home town of San Diego. I will get the special privilege of celebrating the big 3-0. I feel blessed we were able to get air fair under 1000 and out accommodations will be set up through The Free and The Cheap...aka my mothers house.

We celebrated the 4th by driving all over the many parking lots at the beach, sweating in a car with busted AC. If you didn't know any better, you would have thought I was crying tears behind my sunglasses. Nope, pure sweat! EVENTUALLY after Mr. G dropped us off at a spot and made 6 more complete circuits in hoping to snag parking before joining us for some water fun. Eliza has NO fear when it comes to the water and kept wanting to venture out further while getting knocked down by the wimpy waves. This mamma is going to be slightly concerned when in San Diego and the wonderful rip tide.