Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Howdy folks, I guess I need to do some better up keep around this thing. Summer should be no excuse, but life certainly can make opportune times to make it hard.

The biting continues....oh joy!

Ketchup is a food group, right? Eliza has found that you can dip your fries in it. And when that gets boring, fingers also work just as well. Then throw in a new art medium as well!

I am hating having to name a new child. Mainly because I throw so many different ones to Mr. G and I seem to get, "That is a middle name.....a last name" I am only focusing on Boy names as this is what I keep telling myself we are having. The most recent one I like is "Finley" and means Pure Hero. Unfortunately the MIL thinks those names are too old sounding. Sigh.....she even thinks "Charlotte"  is out dated!

12 weeks can't seem to make it here fast enough. Currently 10.5.

Tickets are bought for the end of August to visit my home town of San Diego. I will get the special privilege of celebrating the big 3-0. I feel blessed we were able to get air fair under 1000 and out accommodations will be set up through The Free and The Cheap...aka my mothers house.

We celebrated the 4th by driving all over the many parking lots at the beach, sweating in a car with busted AC. If you didn't know any better, you would have thought I was crying tears behind my sunglasses. Nope, pure sweat! EVENTUALLY after Mr. G dropped us off at a spot and made 6 more complete circuits in hoping to snag parking before joining us for some water fun. Eliza has NO fear when it comes to the water and kept wanting to venture out further while getting knocked down by the wimpy waves. This mamma is going to be slightly concerned when in San Diego and the wonderful rip tide.

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