Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is 9 Months Long Enough?

Tonight, it hit me like a ton of bricks.


They say that there is a reason why a baby takes 9 months to grow so you have 9 months to get ready and prepare for this life altering experience.

Tonight, I am not so sure nine-ish months is long enough to be ready...even for this current mother of one. 

My thoughts gravitate towards getting two kids under two out the door and to the sitters so I can head to work. about just trying to function with two kids by myself for the day when Mr. G has run out of time off?

After the first day or night home with Eliza, I started having some serious doubts like, "What did you get yourself into" and "You seriously wanted to have a baby!?"

Being a SAHM at this point just isn't in the cards as there would be no home to be a mom at. Then I wonder if I would hate this lifestyle. Yet, the idea of not having to hurry up and wait each day sounds very inviting.

Maybe it has just been being pregnant with a toddler at home and the typical uncomfortable feelings and the negative degree weather with snow on the ground that I'm fed up with. 

Okay, I guess this was my little freak out session.


"Oh My Gosh, we've been robbed!...No wait, we live with a toddler"

"All I can hear coming from my daughters bedroom after I put her to bed with not much fuss is hearing an old empty peri bottle being squeezed repeatedly...."

"Weeping at the very end of the Lorax. Can we say pregnancy mood swings?"

"Alright Nolan...I finished your big sisters quilt. You can come any day now!"

"It is one of those having to hold your toddler's food hostage until they will agree to wear their bib kind of days..."

Friday, January 18, 2013

How Much Longer?

We aren't even one month into the winter season yet and I am totally over it. I miss being able to go out side and play with Eliza at home. When out in the garage, Eliza will follow and spot her cozy coop and other toys for outside. She then of course has to inspect and proceed to start playing. Unfortunately, it is much too cold to play and tears flow as I fight her.

Today I thought I would take advantage of one of the parks and recreation department's indoor play park. They run in the fall and winter, Monday through Friday from 9 to 1. Cost is 2 dollars for local residents and 3 for outsiders. It wasn't too busy of a day with only 5 other kids playing. Eliza was pretty good at holding her own with the 3/4 year old boys, but I could spot those who were the "only's" as far as the boys were. They held their turf and would bang and make loud noises to detour Eliza from climbing up into their forts across from each other. The oldest of the group would then do ninja and TMNT moves, growl and run head on towards her and she would run away in protest. What a difference how boys and girls play!

I look forward to warmer days where crawl tunnels, princess tents, water sensory tables and cozy coop races resume in the front yard.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

On your marks, get set...

Yesterday was a very busy early morning for Eliza and I. It started off with me waking up at a glorious 5:30 after getting to bed a little after midnight. Mr. G had to be at work sooner than the norm, so that meant a toddler waking up with no problem of the extra noise.

We reached our first destination at 8:30 for my size estimate ultrasound. Baby was measuring to be estimated at 8.2. No cervical change either to my dismay. I am hoping that this weight estimate will be on the minus of the 10-15 percent. I kinda liked my little peanut and I don't want to have to jump right into the 0-3 month clothes quite yet. I asked my OB about the idea of pumping to stimulate contractions after reading from a doulas website about how it is done exactly. He confirmed it is possible. In previous visits, I've taken Eliza sans the stroller, but knowing I would be focused on a screen for some time, there was no way I would be able to enjoy this time with a free range toddler. Eliza was not thrilled to be held captive and mommy may have used Dum Dum pops more liberally than she likes to.

Next we sped back home in order to make it to our MOPS meeting. I was in charge of the craft and didn't want to hold the group up. Thankfully I made it before things started. I enjoyed having the freedom afterwards to not have to speed home in preparation of getting to work and took my time leaving.

With having such an early start from what the norm is for Eliza, she was passing out in the car on the way home. With no qualms, I changed her and tucked her in for a nap. I would have loved some kid free activity time, but unfortunately with my even earlier start to the day, I fell prey to an afternoon nap myself. Later on after Eliza was in bed, I did dabble in trying to see if I could stimulate a real contraction using the new pump. I think I only experienced some BH, but nothing painful. Time will tell in how much more I will try this in order to avoid an induction.

Oh how these days are soon to be changing as I try and figure out how to get out of the house with TWO kids in tow!  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Caution: Nesting!

Here we are, only a few days into my maternity leave. I will say that the urge to clean various parts of the house and even car have kicked in. No matter the weather outside, that car WILL be cleared of clutter and the infant seat from storage will be cleaned and rear faced in preparation!

I've hit most of the common use floors with a hot mop. Today was the bathroom where I think I even mopped the walls. Baby bottles have been dragged from garage and hand washed. Breast pump supplies have been accounted and cleaned. Hospital bag is all set and I just need to make an over night bag for Eliza in case my body decides to try and go into labor on her own for once. A wonderful MOPS mom has offered to watch her until Mr. G's parents can get out here from the city.

Thus far, my body isn't showing any signs of impending labor. Tomorrow I have an early morning sonogram to get an idea as to what size my little parasite Nolan is at this point. Their Tech is pretty accurate and was the same one for Eliza. I remember the OB being a bit puzzled as to how my body was keeping this kid in with, "Well, she isn't a big baby." Success with this delivery would be to have less medical intervention the 2nd time around. 

It shall be interesting trying to keep everything organized with a messy curious toddler afoot...or Mr. G ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh Boy...I Mean Girl

After fighting so much over a boys quilt, I've become quite mad and decided to start a new quilt for Eliza in my 37th week of pregnancy. I have busted out many of the cute girl patterns I've acquired. I feel guilty at my early attempts of quilting and the cheap fabric I used on her daily driver. Fabric glue has been used a few times to repair seams and I hate how many of the squares never lined up. I have learned quite a bit since then.

Will I finish before Nolan arrives? 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Where Life Is

Getting caught at finding new toys from the pantry
So we have arrived at the very awaited birth month of our son. And as I sit here with some wonderful pregnancy insomnia, I thought I should note some little things about Eliza before our lives change all the more soon.

Language: Nothing too new in her vocabulary. In her own way, she will say "hot" and "Jesus". We do believe she makes all the effort to sing Jesus Loves Me and maybe some of the alphabet song. In the last few days, everyone and thing is called "Da-dee". Lots of grunting though with her eyes in the direction of whatever it is she wants. Yet, she has a high sense of comprehension when we correct her or try to teach.

Personality: Still just as spunky as ever. I've noticed when I pull out my big camera, I seem to get a protest of "no no no" when I see an opportunity strike. When Mr. G comes home for his lunch break, Eliza hates to have him leave and throws a fit at the door. This also happens when he leaves the car while we wait or goes to pay the tab after a meal.

Something tells us, when school times comes, it will be hit and miss with her enthusiasm towards learning. Still very curious and observant though. She'll find an old key and try and take it to the door knob. When Netflix finishes up a show, she knows where we hide the Wii-motes and will signal towards them. I'll find a little stool under light switches around the house with lots of testing them out.

Her death grip only continues to increase. If another child tries to take something away from her, or vice verse she won't let go...even if it means she gets dragged...hand is still tightly attached. I'll also find this when picking her up from out of the bathroom when it is not bath night. Door jams and molding make excellent grips when protesting the eviction.

I still find breaking out in song to be the most beneficial when meltdowns are starting to occur during Dr. visits or diaper changes.

Big Sister: When Nolan arrives, by 6 weeks I think he'll have 2 black eyes. Not out of meanness from Eliza, but out of pure curiosity and delight. Kisses will be given on demand to my stomach, but at the same time so will playful slaps of the tummy. We are constantly trying to teach "gentle". Only time will tell.

Potty Training: Nothing too serious going on with this, but recently have found her letting us know from time to time that she has a messy diaper and on her own will drag out a diaper and changing pad to us. Or I'll notice her eyeing the diaper bag and ask if she would like a change followed with an approving grunt while leaping on tippe-toes. It may be a very little wet diaper, but coming from a child who has never before cared about a dirty diaper...I'll take any sort of discomfort of hers.

Before I know it, I won't be referring to my little girl in the age of months, but years. April will soon be here with many new milestones.