Thursday, January 17, 2013

On your marks, get set...

Yesterday was a very busy early morning for Eliza and I. It started off with me waking up at a glorious 5:30 after getting to bed a little after midnight. Mr. G had to be at work sooner than the norm, so that meant a toddler waking up with no problem of the extra noise.

We reached our first destination at 8:30 for my size estimate ultrasound. Baby was measuring to be estimated at 8.2. No cervical change either to my dismay. I am hoping that this weight estimate will be on the minus of the 10-15 percent. I kinda liked my little peanut and I don't want to have to jump right into the 0-3 month clothes quite yet. I asked my OB about the idea of pumping to stimulate contractions after reading from a doulas website about how it is done exactly. He confirmed it is possible. In previous visits, I've taken Eliza sans the stroller, but knowing I would be focused on a screen for some time, there was no way I would be able to enjoy this time with a free range toddler. Eliza was not thrilled to be held captive and mommy may have used Dum Dum pops more liberally than she likes to.

Next we sped back home in order to make it to our MOPS meeting. I was in charge of the craft and didn't want to hold the group up. Thankfully I made it before things started. I enjoyed having the freedom afterwards to not have to speed home in preparation of getting to work and took my time leaving.

With having such an early start from what the norm is for Eliza, she was passing out in the car on the way home. With no qualms, I changed her and tucked her in for a nap. I would have loved some kid free activity time, but unfortunately with my even earlier start to the day, I fell prey to an afternoon nap myself. Later on after Eliza was in bed, I did dabble in trying to see if I could stimulate a real contraction using the new pump. I think I only experienced some BH, but nothing painful. Time will tell in how much more I will try this in order to avoid an induction.

Oh how these days are soon to be changing as I try and figure out how to get out of the house with TWO kids in tow!  

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