Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Caution: Nesting!

Here we are, only a few days into my maternity leave. I will say that the urge to clean various parts of the house and even car have kicked in. No matter the weather outside, that car WILL be cleared of clutter and the infant seat from storage will be cleaned and rear faced in preparation!

I've hit most of the common use floors with a hot mop. Today was the bathroom where I think I even mopped the walls. Baby bottles have been dragged from garage and hand washed. Breast pump supplies have been accounted and cleaned. Hospital bag is all set and I just need to make an over night bag for Eliza in case my body decides to try and go into labor on her own for once. A wonderful MOPS mom has offered to watch her until Mr. G's parents can get out here from the city.

Thus far, my body isn't showing any signs of impending labor. Tomorrow I have an early morning sonogram to get an idea as to what size my little parasite Nolan is at this point. Their Tech is pretty accurate and was the same one for Eliza. I remember the OB being a bit puzzled as to how my body was keeping this kid in with, "Well, she isn't a big baby." Success with this delivery would be to have less medical intervention the 2nd time around. 

It shall be interesting trying to keep everything organized with a messy curious toddler afoot...or Mr. G ;)

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