Wednesday, April 25, 2012

12 month Well Baby

Okay, here is where Eliza stands...

Height: 70% at 29.75 inches

Weight: 20% at 19.5 oz

Head: 9% 

As small as she is, the doctor wasn't worried as she has had a steady weight gain if you take out the times of sickness. After getting her blood results back, they are concerned about her Leukocytes which are white blood cells. They naturally decrease at 12 months of age, but I guess they were lower than they would like. We get to have another blood draw in 3 months at the next well child visit, oh joy!

I am in shock that I might get this thing done on time!

I am feeling very much under attack from the evil one as of late. So much being thrown my way and having others being used in the process.

I could have strangled Mr. G for changing a well baby visit appointment. Now that he is working part time, he couldn't be there anyways. I had one of those "car leaping" thoughts when I had to travel a little distance to a camera store RIGHT after she had 3 shots AND a blood draw. Eliza was NOT happy in that car seat or the camera store. Then she is wailing at all might as we are parked so my mother could find a Wegman's that carried sushi to go. Here I am racing home on the Through Way, hoping sushi in my mouth and praying to get home in time to drop off baby and gram in order to get to work on time.

Having Mr. G gone last weekend, we all survived our all girls weekend with what! My mother asked me what I wanted, and sadly I asked for a better storage system of Eliza's toys in our living room. One that looked more like real furniture and wouldn't come apart and on top of Eliza.

Going on a date with Mr. G tonight. I feel like I haven't really been able to connect with him in all this craziness. Not sure what the new "normal" will be after my mother returns home. Yet I have no clue or desire of where to go. Hrmph!

On a late night whim, I entered Eliza in the Gap Baby contest. I was an hour away from the contest entry date being closed. You were able to enter up to 5 times. Pictures had to be no older than 3 months and you were required to give a 50 word limit essay of 'How does your baby brighten the world'. I really don't know what exactly they are looking for. 20 finalists will be picked for a public voting. It would be a really neat thing to at least make it to the final 20 and the experience of it. I know there are lots of beautiful babies out there and I refuse to go looking through the gallery and compare Eliza to others. If it is God's will, she will make it and there is no reason to be sad if we never hear anything from our entry. She will always be my beauty no matter what.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Night

I am thinking of the song by Katie Perry called, Last Friday Night right now...except this isn't last Friday, but today. My poor mother can't seem to catch much of a break in her health during this long visit. I came home and gave a bottle after my mother was very relieved to have me back home after throwing up a few times while caring for Eliza. After coming back to the living room, this is what I snapped. The oldest and youngest both passes out from too much fun and not enough fun.

The weather isn't suppose to be all that great this weekend, but praying Mr. Weather Man is totally wrong. Mr. G is gone this weekend for a music group performance, so it is just us ladies right now.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Year in Review

The Year Milestone

Our little girl is one years old today. And what better way to have our monthly picture done then on ourchair, in our pajamas!

How did this little girl grow up into such the sweet and curious happy living baby in just 12 short months?

Here is the latest news.....




These all happened within a week or so ago. Even though she still likes to crawl, it only happens after she has fallen after walking a distance. She looks a bit like an orangatang doing it, but all the more funnier. Gram is here visiting for an extended stay and has been able to be a part of these recent events. So if you wonder where I have gone, you'll know why. I am working on getting a birthday post done up, as we had her party last Sat in order for Mr. G to be a part of it due to travel plans this weekend. Good time was had by all and 
    hope to get it done over the weekend......I hope.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Shoe Solution

It came down to getting ready to go off for a family portrait before the big birthday party......

I had purchased some cute sandals for just the occasion......

Then we could not find said special shoes.

In the frustration of trying to find our little girls shoes before heading out the door has become a major headache in our family. It is hard enough to keep our own shoes in check, let alone little cute ones which seem to grow feet of their own and make off with some cute sock.

Low and behold....a hanging shoe caddy!


You will need:

X number of wire hangers (depending on how many pairs of shoes you want hung)
Wire Cutter
Duct Tape
Needle Nose Pliers 
Ribbon or yarn of choice

 In direction number 4, you want to bend the curl arms inward. You will also use the bottom portion of one of the hangers to attache the curled arms to. Be sure to curl in the top and bottom for the lowest hanging shoes and also a place for the string to be looped through to hang. I used duct tape to attach the arms to the rod. This is where I use the yarn to tie and wrap around this area to hide the tape and better stabilize the arms from swinging around the rod.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Okay, time to get back to business in this CRAZY week...

I am sort of kicking myself for all the "great ideas" I have for Eliza's first birthday party. As fun as they are, they require a lot of details and attention to said details. Now it is a matter of balancing work, cleaning the house for family, doing all the baking, keeping class deadlines with essay writing, and party set up. But I am super I can do it all, right?

Struggling with mommy brain right now. I ended up being so early to my therapist appointment, that I came one week early. Then I completely miss the real date and time.

So yes...this is what is primarily occupying my thoughts this week. I am sure there will be all sorts of interesting ones after my mother arrives for a long visit.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Christ has Risen

It was just the three of us this Easter time. It is crazy to think that this is the SECOND Easter Eliza has spent with us. Last time, she wasn't even a week old yet. She spent most of that time in her car seat, asleep and oblivious to much of the excitement. I can still remember and picture the little yellow two piece outfit and white collar. Sigh.....

When Eliza was just three months old, we were given a brand new hand me down special dress. After looking at the twelve month size, I new this would work wonderfully for Easter or her first birthday. Well, after much fussing and refusing to wear her bonnet that was worn at not even a month old (yes, her peanut head is still that), I eventually won with an elastic bow. Church was spent with a mini egg hunt and traditional service. Mommy had nursery duty. Afterwards, a nice Easter bucket was gifted to her with a soft blush beanie lamb. With no other special place to do dinner with folks, we became adventurous with a nice brunch. Eliza is very much a fan of Seafood Newburg and cheese cake. But who wouldn't?

After a nice long family nap, I wanted to get pictures of Eliza in her special dress outside. The weather was better than before in the week, but I would have liked it to be warmer. The breeze would hit with a slight chill and this made for a less than cooperative little girl to get some good shots. But after two attempts, singing the Elmo song, sitting down at her level and showing how much fun fake Easter grass can be, we accomplished enough to make Mrs. G happy. I love her independence,   but not when it comes to photography sessions!





Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trying to get caught up on things...I promise I'll be back next week or by the end of this one....still trying to get caught up from last weeks sickness and soon approaching birthday madness!


Mrs. G