Monday, April 16, 2012

A Shoe Solution

It came down to getting ready to go off for a family portrait before the big birthday party......

I had purchased some cute sandals for just the occasion......

Then we could not find said special shoes.

In the frustration of trying to find our little girls shoes before heading out the door has become a major headache in our family. It is hard enough to keep our own shoes in check, let alone little cute ones which seem to grow feet of their own and make off with some cute sock.

Low and behold....a hanging shoe caddy!


You will need:

X number of wire hangers (depending on how many pairs of shoes you want hung)
Wire Cutter
Duct Tape
Needle Nose Pliers 
Ribbon or yarn of choice

 In direction number 4, you want to bend the curl arms inward. You will also use the bottom portion of one of the hangers to attache the curled arms to. Be sure to curl in the top and bottom for the lowest hanging shoes and also a place for the string to be looped through to hang. I used duct tape to attach the arms to the rod. This is where I use the yarn to tie and wrap around this area to hide the tape and better stabilize the arms from swinging around the rod.

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