Sunday, April 8, 2012

Christ has Risen

It was just the three of us this Easter time. It is crazy to think that this is the SECOND Easter Eliza has spent with us. Last time, she wasn't even a week old yet. She spent most of that time in her car seat, asleep and oblivious to much of the excitement. I can still remember and picture the little yellow two piece outfit and white collar. Sigh.....

When Eliza was just three months old, we were given a brand new hand me down special dress. After looking at the twelve month size, I new this would work wonderfully for Easter or her first birthday. Well, after much fussing and refusing to wear her bonnet that was worn at not even a month old (yes, her peanut head is still that), I eventually won with an elastic bow. Church was spent with a mini egg hunt and traditional service. Mommy had nursery duty. Afterwards, a nice Easter bucket was gifted to her with a soft blush beanie lamb. With no other special place to do dinner with folks, we became adventurous with a nice brunch. Eliza is very much a fan of Seafood Newburg and cheese cake. But who wouldn't?

After a nice long family nap, I wanted to get pictures of Eliza in her special dress outside. The weather was better than before in the week, but I would have liked it to be warmer. The breeze would hit with a slight chill and this made for a less than cooperative little girl to get some good shots. But after two attempts, singing the Elmo song, sitting down at her level and showing how much fun fake Easter grass can be, we accomplished enough to make Mrs. G happy. I love her independence,   but not when it comes to photography sessions!





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