Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Year Milestone

Our little girl is one years old today. And what better way to have our monthly picture done then on ourchair, in our pajamas!

How did this little girl grow up into such the sweet and curious happy living baby in just 12 short months?

Here is the latest news.....




These all happened within a week or so ago. Even though she still likes to crawl, it only happens after she has fallen after walking a distance. She looks a bit like an orangatang doing it, but all the more funnier. Gram is here visiting for an extended stay and has been able to be a part of these recent events. So if you wonder where I have gone, you'll know why. I am working on getting a birthday post done up, as we had her party last Sat in order for Mr. G to be a part of it due to travel plans this weekend. Good time was had by all and 
    hope to get it done over the weekend......I hope.

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