Saturday, December 31, 2011


Its that time of the year to look back and reflect at just how God worked in my life last year....
For the year of 2011


You know about how hard this last year has been for myself and Matt as we moved our lives in faith that this unknown was in your plans. You know past, present and future all at once. So it is of no surprise to you about what looms later on this year for me. I am afraid and jostles a few of those closest nerves that I long for security of. I ask of you to come down and heal me of certain imperfections which weigh me down so greatly so I may arise in your strength and bring glory to your name.

This is a hard one to say. I think I've grown, but then I think other people have grown too in this strength and refining process. With some time and relationship building, its certainly helped the transition if things.

What a blessing it has been to know I am with child. May Eliza really be Eliza and perhaps be the beacon of peace among the present storm and the crashing waves in which beat upon us. Please keep us both healthy through out the rest of this pregnancy and a safe arrival of your child into our arms, entrusted to raise her in your ways and truth.

God really did give me a good pregnancy. There were no real complication except for having to be induced. With all the hardships going on, Eliza has been the jewel found in the muck. She brings us so much joy and happiness in our family of 3.

Here I am asking again for my husband and his employment. As our family is about to grow, we need his job to grow right along with it. You know of the jobs in which he has gone through the interview process. Jobs which we know he wanted very much as they have been in the direction of ministry. Even though it has broken our hearts in not being given these jobs, we can't help but wonder about when the right one will come our way. One which will give the ability to have time off together and be there for Eliza.

God has provided for us, but not exactly in the ways we were expecting or wanting. With Mr. G's unemployment, it allowed him to be there before me giving birth and my whole maternity leave. Having him home and my mothers long visit was awesome. He was blessed to have a long temp assignment that we really needed after my position was cut to part time and a new position. As expensive as the time off has been, we were also blessed to make it to Grandma and Grandpa's for Eliza's first Christmas.

As our child's birth comes each day closer, please help direct and provide a way for childcare to be made possible after my maternity leave ends. This has been a frequent thought and concern about how this will be made possible. 

God took care of us in this area with two wonderful individuals. One being full time when we needed it, and the other part time and more convenient for our daily schedule. Not to mention the benefit of being around other little ones to play with.

For 2012


I ask that you make it clear as to where we are to live this year. Are your plans to be where we are, or is there another move in the works. IF we are to move, please help me with this transition as you know I struggle with these things. May it be close to some sort of family and opportunities to build new friendships in and outside of work. Not to mention all the logistics of moving with a new member of the family and resources needed to make it happen.

Its been a tough several number of years in the job department. Please provide a good job.....the RIGHT JOB for Mr. G so we can reduce debt, be covered by benefits and have something left over after all the bills.

Please, help us find medical coverage. I grow nervous about needing some assistance with my health needs and it stresses me out. I praise you for giving us help with Eliza. 

Lord, you know how much I have struggled with this one and the future plans we believe you have for our lives. Please speak to us about the future family member that we know we desire. We love Eliza and want her to benefit from having a little sister or brother. Yet this requires health insurance and stable income to feel like a responsible parent.

Please, please help us make forward progress with our calling. We've hit so many road blocks and I can't help but feel discouraged and defeated in the process. Mountains need to be moved in order to get there, which I know fully you are capable of.

Please help current relationships and friendships grow and blossom. I have many friends but not very many that are close. You know how much I miss the ones in the west and would love to have the opportunity to visit with them this year and introduce Eliza in person before she is all grown.

As Eliza grows, keep her healthy and happy. Help me be content with her constant growing up. I hope I can still see the little peanut I held when she grows up to be a God fearing young woman. I love her spunky spirit and smile that could light up Las Vegas.

When my mother who doesn't know you Lord, with her visit coming up in April, may our actions be a light to her and what a REAL relationship with you is like.

Oh so much stuff at Christmas

Well, we are finally back from visiting grandma and grandpa's house for Christmas. Even though we didn't spend it at home, this house has been an unholy mess since returning.

Sorry for the red eye, but these pictures rarely happen with all 3 of us

We reached a few milestones while away...

Full blown crawling. There is no stopping her and she continues to use me and anything else to pull herself up on. If I sit on the floor though, she is up my butt and hard to not have her clinging to me all the time.

No purees. All she got was table food and enjoyed everything. Not one thing was refused. Must be taking after daddy! They included spinach, pork, various pancakes, scrambled eggs, mac and cheese, Yorkshire pudding and green bean casserole to name a few.

Going to town on spinach 

Teeth. Another top tooth cut through and a second one is going to be here in a few days. This will make for 6 teeth thus far.


Grandma and Eliza with her "Eliza" doll

Story time with Grandpa

We were blessed to have been able to introduce Eliza to her uncle Jim and aunt Polly who were visiting from San Diego. They are from Grandpa's side.

Uncle Jimmy

Oh did this child get spoiled. Not exactly by mom and dad, but relatives. We had to construct a little play corner at home to give Eliza a place of her own. Lots of new "big girl" toys to explore and grow into. Mommy loves her little talking tea pot and busy ball popper the most.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

.....Oh Christmas Tree Baby, oh Christmas we adore thee. Or something to that tune. I never claimed to be musical, except in the silly sense. Momma got to being creative this afternoon and tried out the new lights. With this being the month of December, I felt they should at least be themed and done right if I am going to go to all that trouble.

This is the first time I've done pictures with a naked baby in the studio. Since I didn't have a red cloth diaper, it only made sense to go in the buff. After all, time is floating away where I can get away with getting these shots, hehe. I luckily avoided a lump of coal (if you get my drift) right before hand, thus not needing to do laundry afterwards and hold up the shoot.

Feel free to try out any of these ideas. All I did was dip into the Christmas decoration boxes for on hand props. I did try a string of lights, but due to them being LED, their glow is different and the green wire just doesn't compliment with all the white.

Our tree garland

The only cuter baby than this is Jesus (in my humble opinion)

Inexpensive Big Lots stocking that had been gifted to us on our first married Christmas

Borrowed plastic bulbs

Diaper rash came free of charge ;)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Its like...


After all the waiting, dreaming and anticipation, my new light kit with *gasp* soft boxes has arrived! Mr. G was the one to accept the delivery, otherwise I would have kissed the UPS guy.

Now I am plotting my next test shoot with the cutest little model I've ever laid eyes on. But I guess I'm kinda partial ;)

Check back to see what come out of it (sorry if I steal a few ideas off of you and you know who you are)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pillow Case Dress

I was crafty for work sake. We had some donated white pillow cases left over from doing trick or treat bags that I wanted to find another use for. Then I noticed we didn't have any dresses for the play pretend area.


Here is how you do it

1 pillow case
1 cheap fitted bed sheet
Recycled elastic from fitted sheet

Fold pillow case in half long wise. Then make cuts for arms and collar. This should give you a tank top looking fabric.

Cut bed sheet the desired length you want and make sure there is enough width so it will go all the way around. Hem bottom and top, while leaving room on top hem for elastic waist. This will ensure that the dress will fit a variety of kids who want to dress up in it.

Use extra fabric to create your bias tape to finish off the cuts you made earlier.

Viola! One easy fun dress to go have fun mean the kids of course.

Total time taken from start to finish for semi beginner sewer was about 2 hours. This was my first attempt at something wearable.


Oh, and by the way....guess who has started to pull herself up and stand! Daddy is right now dropping the crib a level after tonight's protest of going to bed.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All I want for Christmas..... my two front teeth. Well they came a little early. Top teeth certainly look different coming in than the bottom two. Yet this time, the ride was MUCH easier with their arrival. So here is the score-

bottom- 2 at 5.5 mo
Top- 2 at 7.5 mo

Pictures to follow when she is in the mood to show them off without me getting bit.

In Other News

At times I envy my husbands hair. Mainly for the fact that its buzzed and doesn't suffer the fist fulls of mine being yanked/pulled by my neck. Sigh, when does this phase end?

I am sad to say that I have officially put away Eliza's crib bumpers. It came down to her trying to use them to pull herself up while throwing a fit about going down for bed. Then when angry crying fit was over, I would find her face almost smooshed up against the bumper. This made mommy a little worried. Now her crib looks so....barren. The rails look much more prison like (glad we don't have a black/gray crib). Maybe I should get her a sippy cup to clang against the bars and a pocket mirror ;)

Recently I tried my hands at making some DIY Baby Legs. Not bad for my first attempt, but needing some longer socks that go above the ankle. Maybe I'll find something cheap at Wally World that isn't hideous.

To say that she is crawling is hard to say. She gets around, but in her own VERY unique way. Although I think she is proud to get into the sitting up pose from laying on her tummy and does is all the time besides trying to pull up on the furniture.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seat Cover

After finding that our daughter can be talented in decorating her chair seat on her own.....mommy could see that a cover was going to be needed. What I love about being able to sew is finding easy and cheap solutions for our family. Especially when it means saving me time and being fashionable at the same time!

JoAnns has been having some great sales and I got this flannel fabric for 3.50 a yd. Its brown with aqua vines. Something perfect to help hide breakfast :) I especially love this chair too. It will grow with her and doesn't look like another giant piece of baby gear, but more so furniture. Plus this was the same cost as the plastic and metal varieties.