Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh so much stuff at Christmas

Well, we are finally back from visiting grandma and grandpa's house for Christmas. Even though we didn't spend it at home, this house has been an unholy mess since returning.

Sorry for the red eye, but these pictures rarely happen with all 3 of us

We reached a few milestones while away...

Full blown crawling. There is no stopping her and she continues to use me and anything else to pull herself up on. If I sit on the floor though, she is up my butt and hard to not have her clinging to me all the time.

No purees. All she got was table food and enjoyed everything. Not one thing was refused. Must be taking after daddy! They included spinach, pork, various pancakes, scrambled eggs, mac and cheese, Yorkshire pudding and green bean casserole to name a few.

Going to town on spinach 

Teeth. Another top tooth cut through and a second one is going to be here in a few days. This will make for 6 teeth thus far.


Grandma and Eliza with her "Eliza" doll

Story time with Grandpa

We were blessed to have been able to introduce Eliza to her uncle Jim and aunt Polly who were visiting from San Diego. They are from Grandpa's side.

Uncle Jimmy

Oh did this child get spoiled. Not exactly by mom and dad, but relatives. We had to construct a little play corner at home to give Eliza a place of her own. Lots of new "big girl" toys to explore and grow into. Mommy loves her little talking tea pot and busy ball popper the most.

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