Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All I want for Christmas.....

.....is my two front teeth. Well they came a little early. Top teeth certainly look different coming in than the bottom two. Yet this time, the ride was MUCH easier with their arrival. So here is the score-

bottom- 2 at 5.5 mo
Top- 2 at 7.5 mo

Pictures to follow when she is in the mood to show them off without me getting bit.

In Other News

At times I envy my husbands hair. Mainly for the fact that its buzzed and doesn't suffer the fist fulls of mine being yanked/pulled by my neck. Sigh, when does this phase end?

I am sad to say that I have officially put away Eliza's crib bumpers. It came down to her trying to use them to pull herself up while throwing a fit about going down for bed. Then when angry crying fit was over, I would find her face almost smooshed up against the bumper. This made mommy a little worried. Now her crib looks so....barren. The rails look much more prison like (glad we don't have a black/gray crib). Maybe I should get her a sippy cup to clang against the bars and a pocket mirror ;)

Recently I tried my hands at making some DIY Baby Legs. Not bad for my first attempt, but needing some longer socks that go above the ankle. Maybe I'll find something cheap at Wally World that isn't hideous.

To say that she is crawling is hard to say. She gets around, but in her own VERY unique way. Although I think she is proud to get into the sitting up pose from laying on her tummy and does is all the time besides trying to pull up on the furniture.

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