Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pillow Case Dress

I was crafty for work sake. We had some donated white pillow cases left over from doing trick or treat bags that I wanted to find another use for. Then I noticed we didn't have any dresses for the play pretend area.


Here is how you do it

1 pillow case
1 cheap fitted bed sheet
Recycled elastic from fitted sheet

Fold pillow case in half long wise. Then make cuts for arms and collar. This should give you a tank top looking fabric.

Cut bed sheet the desired length you want and make sure there is enough width so it will go all the way around. Hem bottom and top, while leaving room on top hem for elastic waist. This will ensure that the dress will fit a variety of kids who want to dress up in it.

Use extra fabric to create your bias tape to finish off the cuts you made earlier.

Viola! One easy fun dress to go have fun mean the kids of course.

Total time taken from start to finish for semi beginner sewer was about 2 hours. This was my first attempt at something wearable.

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  1. You are so talented and creative! -sly