Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Blinked Again

Ear piercing screams
Eating real mac n' cheese
New high chair
Fall clothing 

Red Delicious Fun

It is that time of year to head on out to the apple orchard for some picking and kid photos. I took these shots in and at the same place I did while Eliza was just shy of 6 months. I love this spot compared to other "you pick" places for the fact is isn't a giant carnival on the premises. You can park just out front and not feel like you are competing with every other family. Not to mention the lack of crowds make for no photo bombing people in the backgrounds.

We got to bust out the wagon for this trip which was much nicer than a stroller in keeping everything or one together. Eliza found an apple very quickly and put it to good use in her tummy.

Eliza enjoyed the amount of freedom we gave her as she pranced around the orchard with us. But she didn't like to be too far from mommy and daddy.

One of the just recent differences you'll see in the picture is that *GASP* a bow is in one of our children's hair! More on that in a later blog post.

Lots of singular shots of Nolan came out great. Eliza had other ideas when it came to posing for photos, including putting her feet on top of Nolan or having her blasted sippy cup glued to her hands as she would yell for her "wah-dee". Silly for mommy to have any sort of expectations for a two year old ;)

Putting her picking skills to another use here while Daddy pays.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Midweek Confessions

I am feeling a little sloppy in the mid section since having two children. My Gloria Vanderbilt jeans go inward, Great for staying up but terribly painful and makes me feel just plain FAT! Same usual pooch, but different riding place. Do I dare even go to Motherhood Maternity to find low rise preggo pants for my daily drivers even when I am without child?

While cleaning a dumping spot on my kitchen counter (where junk mail, stale bread crumbs and bread ties gather), I discovered some a-hole mickey mouse had made himself comfy while we were all gone on vacation. I would have died if my mother-in-law found this. Oh why couldn't have Mr. G killed that thing when I found him in the sink prior to leaving?

After going through some painful series of freezing some blasted warts off at the dermatologist, I just about cried when I found a new one developing right near one on my finger that had been frozen off. Seriously!? As if I didn't need even more pain and inconvenience of dragging the kids to another doctor appointment?

I've been having these phantom feelings of little kicks in my lower abdomin. I've chalked it up to be gass, as while on vacation I took 2 digital pee tests to make sure. Yet it does throw one off and instantly envision the "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" show on TLC. 

How lame...I just realized 3 of the 4 are all about my body!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


This is what you get when you turn on the tub jets when bubble bath has been added!

I see this shot in about 10 more years

poor ducky in this bubble gobbling pond

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wet Sand

Wet sand at the beach can be a lovely thing or rather annoying especially when you want to leave the beach and no matter how much time you spend at the outdoor showers, you can't seem to vanquish enough.

As a mother, I feel my time with Nolan is like wet sand. There are times where new phases have gotten tiresome (cue ear piercing screaming), but many instances where this wet sand is slipping through my fingers at an alarming rate. I miss some of the extra cuddly moments of a cuddly baby who doesn't have the strength to resist being formed to my body in the Moby wrap. Almost like I can't consume him up fast enough.Yet, I am enjoying many of the recent "baby" fun that comes with having that new found core strength and gross motor skills.

Being that Mr. G and I are both only children, we are starting to experience and see the bond that Eliza and Nolan are cultivating as brother and sister. It isn't just some visit with a friends child where they play and interact for that brief period, but something genuinely more. Nolan loves to laugh at his sister's antics  as she bounces and goofs around. Eliza gets a kick out of purposely placing body parts in his mouth to be chomped upon. I totally get the "Charlie bit me" youtube video much more now.

Part of my irrational self wants to run into the bed and make another baby right NOW! As if the more I rush having a 3rd, the more of a chance we WILL have another child. Things kinda feel complete at the moment, but not enough to convince me to stop. Some of this desire might even stem from wanting to be able to go into labor on my own and avoid an induction or even achieve a VBAC.

Time will tell I guess or my Heavenly Father will decide for me what His will is in our family. But I could go for another boy over a girl :)

Image obtained from See Jules Travel

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cookie Butter

In regards to the comments about said Cookie it is.

The bummer about this compared to its similar spread of peanut butter is that it contains no protein (boo!) I love the crunchy variety over the smooth as it just doesn't have the same umph. I could go either way if this is better than Nutella hazelnut cocoa spread. 

If I do put it on anything, my fave is a banana. So that's healthy right?

Here is Trader Joes link to see where the closest store is to you. I will have to go almost 2 hours to Albany to acquire my own stash. I guess there will be a new stop on the way to Grandma and Grandpas :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Must Confess

Yes, I know it has been ages since one of these posts, but E from her blog inspired me to do so.

1. Do I sound like a bad person for being happy that the doctor confirmed Pink Eye earlier this week, hence giving me a free afternoon at home with no kids? Wouldn't want the little monsters angels contracting it within my 24 hr. contagious time frame. Heck, they probably gave it to me! It doesn't look like I did a whole lot of work in the house, but it was mainly filled with lots of laundry and going through the kids closets switching out seasonal clothes and what has been outgrown. I hope to sometime soon be able to lay on my couch without having to schlep off any junk to do so!

2. Being someone who has lived in Portland OR, I get a real kick out of the show from FX called Portlandia. Netflix has been carrying it and I have to say that 70% of the stuff is true. Mr. G can't stand it and would like to make most memories of Portland a distant Deja Vu.

3. Trader Joe's Cookie Butter.I don't even spread it on anything, but instead, dip a giant spoon and lick the deliciousness off as my eyes flicker in contentment. I can't bring myself to look at the nutrition label yet. Good thing my mother back in California has to gift it by mail or plane visit.

4. I am hoping the TV and my daughter will entertain my son just a little longer so I can wrap up this blog with slightly less guilt as I hear him scream while on the floor.

5. Are you still reading after confession 4 or have I burst your bubble that I am Mom of the Year material?

6. I have been making lots of baby bibs. I just make them toddler size off the bat in order to get more use out of them. A few will be sent as gifts, but I hope they like the fabric patterns more so than I did, hence why they make easy affordable gifts.

Okay, time to get another episode of Curious George going....Kidding!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

San Diego

It's crazy that I can connect with old school friends and our kids can play together

A little college friend fun at church small group with spontaneous music playing 

Oh Tai Ice I love thee....

Yeah, not much of a fan of being on the beach compared to being near it!

Oh you pesky sneak attack wave = /

Hey, this girl acts a lot like Eliza

"We need to get one of these mom"

He couldn't keep his hands off little Scarlet 

Eliza's "cousin" Wyatt meeting Nokan

No better place than Gram's bed

How awesome is technology and having a Skype conversation with Daddy.

Here are a few high lights from Nolan and I's San Diego trip. It was nice only having one baby to deal with this time around. He just went wherever I decided to go...quilt shops, stores, new houses, out to was very nice to not deal with a terrible two year old. 

Lots of crying happened at the beach for some reason.

The weather was hotter than most who live there would have liked, but I was with friends and family so it didn't matter to me and complaining doesn't take it away. I kept telling them that the humidity was still higher back at my digs.

While I was packing for the trip, I made sure to under pack. I have a tendency to "pillage" at home and bring back lots of fun goodies such as the extra leftover diapers, fabric, craft supplies and even special food. My uncooked tortilla's from Costco did just fine in my bag. There are actually a few more boxes being shipped back here that I couldn't take with me. Gram has a weakness for kids clothes for her grandkids.

It was bitter sweet to have to leave. I have no desire to move back there. Visiting is just fine, but I could have used a few more days. I was doing pretty well at not missing Mr. G and Eliza. I know that sounds mean, but I just needed to get away from a lot of things to recharge. I am able to easily slip into a known routine or familiarity of the life there.

Things are for the most part still fake and very obsessed with vanity of themselves. It is just the culture of San Diego where as the North East has other the weather ;)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Flying with Company

This was the first time I flew with a lap child who was still an infant. Rewind a year ago that time, Eliza was a very frustrating travel passenger at 16 months, so I was looking forward to having a less mobile child.

If you are considering flying with children, I highly suggest Jet Blue. For their regular coach seats, they have more leg room than other airlines. If you are able to spend a few more pennies, you can get the even more leg room seats. Not only do you have more room, but this also gets you through security faster.

On the way to San Diego, we had a short flight to JFK and then to SD. I brought along some fruit blend pouches, baby Mum Mums, teether and muslim blanket. This blanket was great for nursing on demand and also for naps while in flight. The only thing I would have added was another toy other than his teether. Otherwise, we kind did the same cycle on repeat. The added bonus was not having anyone in the middle seat and of course having a window seat passenger who was a mother herself of young children. She couldn't believe how good Nolan was.

I can however, relate to another family on our flight who had an 18 mo old with them. They made several passes by our seat and occasionally chit chatting at a few. Her son would not focus on any other distractions except for being out and about down the aisle. 

The best part of our flight was realizing that Nolan was asleep, I had my tablet in front of me and in-flight cable...I got to have me time!

Seven Months

Here we are, a whole 7 months old! This was the first time I've had to take a milestone picture away from our usual spot at home on the glider as Nolan and I were away in San Diego.

Quite a few firsts I would say...

A pro at liquid solids
1st Bread Stick
1st Graham Cracker
1st Baby Mum Mum
1st Big trip with an airplane 
1st encounter of the Pacific Ocean
Visiting Uncle Jim (Mr. G's side)
Sleeping through the night
New stationary bouncer
Gone mostly to size 3 diaper 

In the growth department, we have a whopping 5 teeth! And all before we were even 7 months. At our WB visit, Nolan came in lighter than I thought even though my arms have certainly felt the always changing weight!

Weight: 18.5 lbs. (41st%)
Height: 28 inches (76th%)
Head: (78th%)