Sunday, September 29, 2013

Red Delicious Fun

It is that time of year to head on out to the apple orchard for some picking and kid photos. I took these shots in and at the same place I did while Eliza was just shy of 6 months. I love this spot compared to other "you pick" places for the fact is isn't a giant carnival on the premises. You can park just out front and not feel like you are competing with every other family. Not to mention the lack of crowds make for no photo bombing people in the backgrounds.

We got to bust out the wagon for this trip which was much nicer than a stroller in keeping everything or one together. Eliza found an apple very quickly and put it to good use in her tummy.

Eliza enjoyed the amount of freedom we gave her as she pranced around the orchard with us. But she didn't like to be too far from mommy and daddy.

One of the just recent differences you'll see in the picture is that *GASP* a bow is in one of our children's hair! More on that in a later blog post.

Lots of singular shots of Nolan came out great. Eliza had other ideas when it came to posing for photos, including putting her feet on top of Nolan or having her blasted sippy cup glued to her hands as she would yell for her "wah-dee". Silly for mommy to have any sort of expectations for a two year old ;)

Putting her picking skills to another use here while Daddy pays.

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