Thursday, September 5, 2013

Flying with Company

This was the first time I flew with a lap child who was still an infant. Rewind a year ago that time, Eliza was a very frustrating travel passenger at 16 months, so I was looking forward to having a less mobile child.

If you are considering flying with children, I highly suggest Jet Blue. For their regular coach seats, they have more leg room than other airlines. If you are able to spend a few more pennies, you can get the even more leg room seats. Not only do you have more room, but this also gets you through security faster.

On the way to San Diego, we had a short flight to JFK and then to SD. I brought along some fruit blend pouches, baby Mum Mums, teether and muslim blanket. This blanket was great for nursing on demand and also for naps while in flight. The only thing I would have added was another toy other than his teether. Otherwise, we kind did the same cycle on repeat. The added bonus was not having anyone in the middle seat and of course having a window seat passenger who was a mother herself of young children. She couldn't believe how good Nolan was.

I can however, relate to another family on our flight who had an 18 mo old with them. They made several passes by our seat and occasionally chit chatting at a few. Her son would not focus on any other distractions except for being out and about down the aisle. 

The best part of our flight was realizing that Nolan was asleep, I had my tablet in front of me and in-flight cable...I got to have me time!

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