Friday, September 20, 2013

Wet Sand

Wet sand at the beach can be a lovely thing or rather annoying especially when you want to leave the beach and no matter how much time you spend at the outdoor showers, you can't seem to vanquish enough.

As a mother, I feel my time with Nolan is like wet sand. There are times where new phases have gotten tiresome (cue ear piercing screaming), but many instances where this wet sand is slipping through my fingers at an alarming rate. I miss some of the extra cuddly moments of a cuddly baby who doesn't have the strength to resist being formed to my body in the Moby wrap. Almost like I can't consume him up fast enough.Yet, I am enjoying many of the recent "baby" fun that comes with having that new found core strength and gross motor skills.

Being that Mr. G and I are both only children, we are starting to experience and see the bond that Eliza and Nolan are cultivating as brother and sister. It isn't just some visit with a friends child where they play and interact for that brief period, but something genuinely more. Nolan loves to laugh at his sister's antics  as she bounces and goofs around. Eliza gets a kick out of purposely placing body parts in his mouth to be chomped upon. I totally get the "Charlie bit me" youtube video much more now.

Part of my irrational self wants to run into the bed and make another baby right NOW! As if the more I rush having a 3rd, the more of a chance we WILL have another child. Things kinda feel complete at the moment, but not enough to convince me to stop. Some of this desire might even stem from wanting to be able to go into labor on my own and avoid an induction or even achieve a VBAC.

Time will tell I guess or my Heavenly Father will decide for me what His will is in our family. But I could go for another boy over a girl :)

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