Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Must Confess

Yes, I know it has been ages since one of these posts, but E from her blog inspired me to do so.

1. Do I sound like a bad person for being happy that the doctor confirmed Pink Eye earlier this week, hence giving me a free afternoon at home with no kids? Wouldn't want the little monsters angels contracting it within my 24 hr. contagious time frame. Heck, they probably gave it to me! It doesn't look like I did a whole lot of work in the house, but it was mainly filled with lots of laundry and going through the kids closets switching out seasonal clothes and what has been outgrown. I hope to sometime soon be able to lay on my couch without having to schlep off any junk to do so!

2. Being someone who has lived in Portland OR, I get a real kick out of the show from FX called Portlandia. Netflix has been carrying it and I have to say that 70% of the stuff is true. Mr. G can't stand it and would like to make most memories of Portland a distant Deja Vu.

3. Trader Joe's Cookie Butter.I don't even spread it on anything, but instead, dip a giant spoon and lick the deliciousness off as my eyes flicker in contentment. I can't bring myself to look at the nutrition label yet. Good thing my mother back in California has to gift it by mail or plane visit.

4. I am hoping the TV and my daughter will entertain my son just a little longer so I can wrap up this blog with slightly less guilt as I hear him scream while on the floor.

5. Are you still reading after confession 4 or have I burst your bubble that I am Mom of the Year material?

6. I have been making lots of baby bibs. I just make them toddler size off the bat in order to get more use out of them. A few will be sent as gifts, but I hope they like the fabric patterns more so than I did, hence why they make easy affordable gifts.

Okay, time to get another episode of Curious George going....Kidding!


  1. Oooh...I used to teach, and I must say-- pink eye was one of my favorite diseases to catch from the kids! Once you get the drops going, you really feel just fine...but alas, you can't you're forced to just stay home while feeling pretty okay? Not torture, really. ;)

  2. I 100% agree about pink eye - it is the BEST! :) Send some of those germs this way... :)

    Also, cookie butter?! WHY have I never heard of this before? How far away is the nearest Trader Joes from Roanoke? :)

    And... Amen to Curious George! Amen!