Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seven Months

Here we are, a whole 7 months old! This was the first time I've had to take a milestone picture away from our usual spot at home on the glider as Nolan and I were away in San Diego.

Quite a few firsts I would say...

A pro at liquid solids
1st Bread Stick
1st Graham Cracker
1st Baby Mum Mum
1st Big trip with an airplane 
1st encounter of the Pacific Ocean
Visiting Uncle Jim (Mr. G's side)
Sleeping through the night
New stationary bouncer
Gone mostly to size 3 diaper 

In the growth department, we have a whopping 5 teeth! And all before we were even 7 months. At our WB visit, Nolan came in lighter than I thought even though my arms have certainly felt the always changing weight!

Weight: 18.5 lbs. (41st%)
Height: 28 inches (76th%)
Head: (78th%)

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