Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Midweek Confessions

I am feeling a little sloppy in the mid section since having two children. My Gloria Vanderbilt jeans go inward, Great for staying up but terribly painful and makes me feel just plain FAT! Same usual pooch, but different riding place. Do I dare even go to Motherhood Maternity to find low rise preggo pants for my daily drivers even when I am without child?

While cleaning a dumping spot on my kitchen counter (where junk mail, stale bread crumbs and bread ties gather), I discovered some a-hole mickey mouse had made himself comfy while we were all gone on vacation. I would have died if my mother-in-law found this. Oh why couldn't have Mr. G killed that thing when I found him in the sink prior to leaving?

After going through some painful series of freezing some blasted warts off at the dermatologist, I just about cried when I found a new one developing right near one on my finger that had been frozen off. Seriously!? As if I didn't need even more pain and inconvenience of dragging the kids to another doctor appointment?

I've been having these phantom feelings of little kicks in my lower abdomin. I've chalked it up to be gass, as while on vacation I took 2 digital pee tests to make sure. Yet it does throw one off and instantly envision the "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" show on TLC. 

How lame...I just realized 3 of the 4 are all about my body!

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  1. I totally get those phantom kick feelings sometimes, too! It's so odd!!!