Saturday, September 7, 2013

San Diego

It's crazy that I can connect with old school friends and our kids can play together

A little college friend fun at church small group with spontaneous music playing 

Oh Tai Ice I love thee....

Yeah, not much of a fan of being on the beach compared to being near it!

Oh you pesky sneak attack wave = /

Hey, this girl acts a lot like Eliza

"We need to get one of these mom"

He couldn't keep his hands off little Scarlet 

Eliza's "cousin" Wyatt meeting Nokan

No better place than Gram's bed

How awesome is technology and having a Skype conversation with Daddy.

Here are a few high lights from Nolan and I's San Diego trip. It was nice only having one baby to deal with this time around. He just went wherever I decided to go...quilt shops, stores, new houses, out to was very nice to not deal with a terrible two year old. 

Lots of crying happened at the beach for some reason.

The weather was hotter than most who live there would have liked, but I was with friends and family so it didn't matter to me and complaining doesn't take it away. I kept telling them that the humidity was still higher back at my digs.

While I was packing for the trip, I made sure to under pack. I have a tendency to "pillage" at home and bring back lots of fun goodies such as the extra leftover diapers, fabric, craft supplies and even special food. My uncooked tortilla's from Costco did just fine in my bag. There are actually a few more boxes being shipped back here that I couldn't take with me. Gram has a weakness for kids clothes for her grandkids.

It was bitter sweet to have to leave. I have no desire to move back there. Visiting is just fine, but I could have used a few more days. I was doing pretty well at not missing Mr. G and Eliza. I know that sounds mean, but I just needed to get away from a lot of things to recharge. I am able to easily slip into a known routine or familiarity of the life there.

Things are for the most part still fake and very obsessed with vanity of themselves. It is just the culture of San Diego where as the North East has other the weather ;)


  1. Hi Mrs. G,

    A first time here:) I loved looking at your photostory of your trip!

    What a cute photo of Nolan and Scarlett on the Sofa! His smile is so infectious. You can't look at this pic without smiling:)


  2. Thanks for stopping by....the kids were actully on some stairs :)