Friday, September 30, 2011


After a week or so of awful sleep, we've recently discovered that our little girl has decided that now would be a good time to start cutting teeth. Great for her............sucky for us.

All the tale tell signs were not very apparent in showing up. There wasn't any real excessive drooling, no diaper rash, non stop chomping or fever. Yet with a sleep pattern we have never seen before with multiple night feedings and fussiness of going back down, I had to see if there was any sign.

Low and behold, one tooth on the right had broken the surface. Just a tiny slit and an opaque white tooth top. I would take a picture of this, but in order for me to see such a tiny thing, its a matter of wrestling with her mouth to get any sort of glance. After a few tries with baby Tylenol, I broke down and got some Oragel  to work its magic.

With this blog entry, I leave you with a happier baby than the one we've been introduced to as of late.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

A new milestone

Today we celebrate a five whole months old! This child loves to pose. The middle shot was of her learning to sit up with out a tripod position. It's almost saying, "Here I am!" Yes, you are here baby girl and we love you so very much. And so does all your extended family on both coasts.

This milestone also is met with first solids. Its been the traditional rice cereal with breast milk. At the time we tried, she as fussing due to hunger. Man, did she throw her self on that spoon! We couldn't get the food to her fast enough as she cried in between spoonfuls. Its going to take some practice learning how to get the coordination down with the spoon and getting more into her mouth than outside, but so far so good.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sitting Up

Now we aren't at full blown sitting up yet, but she seems to have the tripod down for a long length of time until she gets tired or frustrated. But not that she certainly doesn't try to go all the way. Shot these last night as we practiced sitting. Maybe mommy will get her wishes and have her sitting for her 6 month pictures. Time will tell!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A lesson in Supply and Coordination

Now I haven't started solids yet with Eliza yet, but boy I can't wait! Its more about trying to make it to the 6 mo mark to help avoid developing any food allergies. So either 6 months or sitting up, which ever one comes first to mark this life event.

With this being said, getting a little taste here and there has been explored. With the help of those netted food pods with a handle, Eliza got to experience some Water Mellon. Boy did she LOVE it! So much in fact that she got frustrated when her excitement sent her arms and hands to not cooperate in getting said food to mouth. Then when I would try and teach her to use TWO hands at holding, this just would not do. Much to daddies wishes, she still isn't holding her bottle for more then a few seconds on her own.

By the looks of her shirt, I think much fun and delight had been had. All depending on what is in season and on sale, we shall see what else might be in store.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


After going to Michael's one evening and stumbling upon their attempts at taking some market share away from Joanns Fabric, there was a take and make item. Basically you were buying the fabric patterns and where to cut.  After being confused at the lack of good instructions of how to make them, I took to Google. Turns out they are called YoYos. What I like so much about them is how they look like cloth fabric flower heads. Just slap a button on in place for the pollen and viola!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Well, Eliza has embarked at not even 4.5 months old the beginnings of crawling. After feeding her on the bed, I decided some improptu tummy time was in order. Now I am use to her rolling around and wiggling. Yet to my eyes I whitnessed her get knees under her and push forward. Almost like a bear crawl with her armspushing herself up, but stretched out wide. Wondering if this was a fluke, she continued this motion.

Something tells me......

We're in trouble now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eggs and Bacon

At work we have a play kitchen for the kids. You'll find a variety of plastic food goods that undoubtedly get thrown EVERYWHERE in that area and then beyond. After looking through most of it, the only real breakfast item is a lone waffle. This just should be the only option. After finding unused felt, I got to cutting and hand stitching some fried eggs and bacon. The kids don't return until next Thursday, so we will have to see what they think of my efforts.

I'm SEW Excited!

With a recent birthday coming and going, I was blessed with the opportunity to add to my fabric stash. While on vacation, its been my creative outlet to sew quilts and car seat covers. Now my husband is happy that I am happily engrossed into my sewing, but not so happy when it comes to what trips to the fabric store cost him. For me, I love to search the red tag clearance sections. Joanne's has quite the nice selection where as Hobby Lobby is limited to one rack give or take.

Here are my Hobby Lobby finds. (L) 4 dollars and (R) 5 dollars and is canvas like material

Now I can't remember what each one cost a yard, but with the exception on the very left (love 50% off reg price fabric) were all 6 and under with the lowest being 3.

Then throw in ribbon for 1 dollar each from Michaels

As a designer, going to the fabric store is like eye candy for me. My brain starts buzzing with excitement and I want to buy it all! Despite not feeling confident to start buying fabric patterns, I've tried using free online ones to print and assemble, hence the car seat covers


Over all, I have been quite happy with my beginning experiences with sewing. If you are interested, I can give you an invitation to Its an idea board to share your projects or to post other creative en devours for inspiration you've found on the net. There are lots of different categories, so its not just limited to sewing, ie photography, home decor art work in various medias etc....