Friday, September 30, 2011


After a week or so of awful sleep, we've recently discovered that our little girl has decided that now would be a good time to start cutting teeth. Great for her............sucky for us.

All the tale tell signs were not very apparent in showing up. There wasn't any real excessive drooling, no diaper rash, non stop chomping or fever. Yet with a sleep pattern we have never seen before with multiple night feedings and fussiness of going back down, I had to see if there was any sign.

Low and behold, one tooth on the right had broken the surface. Just a tiny slit and an opaque white tooth top. I would take a picture of this, but in order for me to see such a tiny thing, its a matter of wrestling with her mouth to get any sort of glance. After a few tries with baby Tylenol, I broke down and got some Oragel  to work its magic.

With this blog entry, I leave you with a happier baby than the one we've been introduced to as of late.....

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