Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm SEW Excited!

With a recent birthday coming and going, I was blessed with the opportunity to add to my fabric stash. While on vacation, its been my creative outlet to sew quilts and car seat covers. Now my husband is happy that I am happily engrossed into my sewing, but not so happy when it comes to what trips to the fabric store cost him. For me, I love to search the red tag clearance sections. Joanne's has quite the nice selection where as Hobby Lobby is limited to one rack give or take.

Here are my Hobby Lobby finds. (L) 4 dollars and (R) 5 dollars and is canvas like material

Now I can't remember what each one cost a yard, but with the exception on the very left (love 50% off reg price fabric) were all 6 and under with the lowest being 3.

Then throw in ribbon for 1 dollar each from Michaels

As a designer, going to the fabric store is like eye candy for me. My brain starts buzzing with excitement and I want to buy it all! Despite not feeling confident to start buying fabric patterns, I've tried using free online ones to print and assemble, hence the car seat covers


Over all, I have been quite happy with my beginning experiences with sewing. If you are interested, I can give you an invitation to Its an idea board to share your projects or to post other creative en devours for inspiration you've found on the net. There are lots of different categories, so its not just limited to sewing, ie photography, home decor art work in various medias etc....

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