Sunday, September 11, 2011

A lesson in Supply and Coordination

Now I haven't started solids yet with Eliza yet, but boy I can't wait! Its more about trying to make it to the 6 mo mark to help avoid developing any food allergies. So either 6 months or sitting up, which ever one comes first to mark this life event.

With this being said, getting a little taste here and there has been explored. With the help of those netted food pods with a handle, Eliza got to experience some Water Mellon. Boy did she LOVE it! So much in fact that she got frustrated when her excitement sent her arms and hands to not cooperate in getting said food to mouth. Then when I would try and teach her to use TWO hands at holding, this just would not do. Much to daddies wishes, she still isn't holding her bottle for more then a few seconds on her own.

By the looks of her shirt, I think much fun and delight had been had. All depending on what is in season and on sale, we shall see what else might be in store.

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  1. Haha she's loving it and that mesh bag thing, whatever it's called.