Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anyone want to go to a fabric store?

So it looks like I've been bit by the sewing bug! I've expanded in making a second quilt which by the way is a MAJOR improvement. Then I set my eyes on what had really inspired me to want to sew......a car seat cover.

Back when we were setting up the registry for baby, I thought I would be money smart and get something gender neutral. Now I can't stand the green plaid. Then I thought that perhaps I could just order a new cover. When I couldn't find that to work, I turned to Etsy to see what was out there. Well, I did find what I wanted, but not at the 90$ price tag! I could buy a new seat for that price.

With the confidence increased with accomplishing two quilts and finding a free universal seat cover pattern....I ventured into new territory.

First attempt. Not bad but not 100% happy with it

Attempt number two. I love the corduroy pattern and much more polished.

I haven't been brave enough to take apart the original canopy and try to get the pattern from it. But I am content enough with it for now. Maybe I'll make one of those tent cover thingies in its place. Yet I wonder how much longer I will be dragging that seat in and out of the car.

Here is Eliza modeling the first quilt...