Monday, June 25, 2012

The summer has officially started over in my neck of things. This entails 8 weeks of a summer program designed for youth. As I type this, I have tackled ONE day thus far. What a change in my mornings as I try and pull myself out of my bed, feed a toddler and race out the door to drop off toddler and head into work. Something tells me this pregnancy is going to be quite different with all the walking and moving around I do.

Zip ties are a glorious invention!

No matter the time of the day or clothing, Eliza makes a B line to her little pool. Mommy has to shut and lock the door very quickly to ensure there is no quick dipping prior to the car.

I've made it 9 weeks!

Why does dinner time have to come around every day?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mmmmm, you taste good

It looks like we have a biter on our hands...

Both Mr. G and I have the marks to prove it. Mostly this seems to come out of her frustration with us when throwing a fit, or someone is trying to take something away from her. She will even death grip the kids back and come attacking with an open mouth.

I can't help but hating the fact that my daughter is the "biter" of the group. Why couldn't she be the "stinky" kid instead. All the kids I knew who were the biters were kinda weird.

What makes it hard is how do you punish at only 14 months old? When she does do it, I abruptly pull her off me and sternly enforce no biting, that hurts. This follows with tears and crying. I knew I had a spirited child, but seriously?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I don't care if this is Wednesday or was one of those days where I just need to blog.

Do you have one of those people in your lives where it doesn't take very long for them to become butt hurt over something? Where you try your hardest, but it is never good enough and they decide to target you for anything and everything? heart hurts while I try and tell Satan to "suck it" when I am tempted to take the low road.

Experiencing some classic constipation and back pain. This of course happens when a wave of morning sickness strikes while at the TLE dept of Walmart.

Toddlers and hormones do not mix well. I swear, I think my daughter believes everything in the house is called "no". In my attempts to remedy my swinging emotions, none of my efforts proved to produce any fruit of success. She even discovered how to open the dish washer. I think buying a pack of paper plates might prove to be a smart move for a while.

We haven't been able to do laundry for close to 2 weeks now. The drain fills and over flows all over my kitchen floor. I keep feeling like there is something else I am to be filling my days with and then quickly remember and groan. THEY BETTER BE HERE ON MONDAY! Eliza has been is disposies for over a week now and I am getting a bit tired of it.

When is this 1st trimester over again ;^)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Gummy Bear

Being that I am now 7.5 weeks along, I was blessed with some of the FUN parts of going to the doctors. Only one baby found inside as I am not running a hostel. Bear is measuring a little over half an inch and the HR was 146. Just another tally to be marked in the BOY side of things in my opinion. I also had a dream a few days ago of delivering and we had left with out getting the circumcision done! Never had this problem with any of my last pregnancy dreams....and they were always a girl before we knew for sure.

Mr. G came along and was the baby wrangler for me. And what a surprise, my BP was down ;)

My anatomy scan is set for September 5th. Now I know what I will be wishing over my big 3-0 cake a few days before! EDD is set for January 27th.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Update

So I am finding myself with a free uninterrupted moment this morning. The calm before the giant storm of a weekend. I sit here feeling like I owe an explanation of what is swirling around in my head over a bowl of Cheerios and a show streaming on Hulu. 

Here we go!

Taking a toddler to your first OB appointment on your own is a terrible thing. They will knock over your pee cup while in the bathroom, not tear away your paper skirt while sitting on your lap, and they will never try pulling anything and everything out of the cabinets. And that sucker you were able to obtain to keep them content while having 7 vials of blood sucked away will undoubtedly find every clump of human hair on the floor under your waiting room chair.

I am finding myself not liking the toddler stage in my daughter right now. This could be all the hormones talking, but all the cute things she does are more so obnoxiousness. Where did all those warm fuzzy feelings go of looking forward to coming home from work to hug and cuddle or find each expression to be treasured? You could almost say I am just tolerating her at the moment, holding up my end of the responsibility of parenthood. People must think I am crazy to not be in love with a cute, wonderful little girl. Is it possible to have postpartum depression in between children?

This first trimester is feeling much harder than the last go around. Waves of nausea hit me through each day. Waves of tired slumps keep crashing over when naps are not possible. Bloating makes me feel like breaking out the maternity clothes would be a crime and a tragedy at not yet even 7 weeks. If I had to guess the sex of this baby, it would have to be a boy. Salty things just seem to hit the spot more so than the sweet did than in my last pregnancy.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Sorry

This first trimester and this week is kicking my butt...I promise I will post confessions.

Will you forgive me?

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Monday Funny

Hey Honey, my boss dropped in for dinner

I snapped this over the weekend when my eye caught this greedy little squirrel at my neighbors bird feeder. Add your own caption in the comments below :)