Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mmmmm, you taste good

It looks like we have a biter on our hands...

Both Mr. G and I have the marks to prove it. Mostly this seems to come out of her frustration with us when throwing a fit, or someone is trying to take something away from her. She will even death grip the kids back and come attacking with an open mouth.

I can't help but hating the fact that my daughter is the "biter" of the group. Why couldn't she be the "stinky" kid instead. All the kids I knew who were the biters were kinda weird.

What makes it hard is how do you punish at only 14 months old? When she does do it, I abruptly pull her off me and sternly enforce no biting, that hurts. This follows with tears and crying. I knew I had a spirited child, but seriously?

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