Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Gummy Bear

Being that I am now 7.5 weeks along, I was blessed with some of the FUN parts of going to the doctors. Only one baby found inside as I am not running a hostel. Bear is measuring a little over half an inch and the HR was 146. Just another tally to be marked in the BOY side of things in my opinion. I also had a dream a few days ago of delivering and we had left with out getting the circumcision done! Never had this problem with any of my last pregnancy dreams....and they were always a girl before we knew for sure.

Mr. G came along and was the baby wrangler for me. And what a surprise, my BP was down ;)

My anatomy scan is set for September 5th. Now I know what I will be wishing over my big 3-0 cake a few days before! EDD is set for January 27th.

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