Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Food

With the introduction of solids, we have ventured outside of rice cereal and into some new tastes. This has prompted me to get creative and bring down the costs of having a baby by making my own.

Funny thing is, once you get started, its hard to stop. Yesterday it was apple sauce and pears. Next I want to try sweet potatos and maybe green beans. After my notions of her getting tired of the rice, I switched to oatmeal which seems to be a winner.

What else have you made/tried with your sweet peas?


  1. My daughter just started eating solids ... I have attempted everything ..apples,carrots,pears,prunes etc. She refuses to eat my cooking ...but loves the store bought kind. Any suggestions on how to get my little one to eat my food ?


  2. Anonymous- One thing I have found is the store bought stuff is much more runny than the homemade stuff. Try adding BM/FF to it and thin it out. Or even using water. The first time with carrots, she refused it. I believe it was a texture thing. The next time I tried it with her, I used canned pumpkin and threw in a tiny amount of water. This did the trick! Also, I boil the veggies instead of steam, as it helped with making it more mushed.