Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is on and off the menu

Solids for the most part are going quite well. After finding a solution to the carrots (mixed in canned pumpkin), she has taken to them with out a problem. Even when mixing them in with other foods like cooked apples from our visit to the orchards.

After I've cooked the large batch of a particular food, they go right into the freezer in ice cube trays. I highly recommend OXO Ice Cube Tray with sliding lid. After frozen, they are popped into freezer bags with a label and date. This makes it easy to mix and match different flavor combinations. When ready to serve, microwave a few cubes for 30-40 seconds until desirable temp is achieved.

Sweet Potato & Pumpkin
Carrots & Sweet Potato
Apple & Carrots
Apple & Oat Meal
Oat Meal & Sweet Potato
Apple & Pear
Pear & Cereal
Pear/Apple & Cinnamon
....and the easy favorite: Mashed Bananas!

I hope to introduce green beans by the end of the week. Although feeling a little discouraged after the Gerber Garden Vegetable was given the "ick" face. I don't blame her, as I don't like peas either.

But the biggest fight as of late would be taking the bottle for me or my husband......

Last night, after fussing and fighting with the bottle before bed, I walked to the front door, said good bye, opened and closed it and pretended to leave the house. By leaving I mean going off to the office. After some more crying and throwing on Veggie Tales. she took it.

Now if ONLY we could get her to take it in the night from my husband so mommy could actually catch a break.

Something tells me weaning her from the boob is going to be quite the challenge!

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