Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas Cards

In case you haven't noticed......but Christmas isn't all that far off. From planning what family will travel to who, winter breaks for the kiddies and a list of "to do" adding up; its hard to find time in getting those pesky Christmas cards out in the mail. Now I have no problem with the traditional card sent, but after opening it and maybe placing it up on the wall for a brief time.....there isn't much incentive to hold on to it. This is why I LOVE the photo greeting cards. Its a great way to get a new picture of the family or loved ones that you can stick on the fridge all year long. Then you can save it for the photo album (if those still exist).

Here is an example at what I am pretty sure will be sent out this year. It would be the first time doing it for our family. I have taken the liberty of making my own template instead of paying a lot more money for the panoramic pre-designed ones offered at various photo depts. If you don't have a design program, simply take a  4x6 card and cut/paste your photos and use festive scrap booking supplies to make it your own. Then take, get scanned....viola!

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! We are going to do photo cards this year as well.