Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am in shock that I might get this thing done on time!

I am feeling very much under attack from the evil one as of late. So much being thrown my way and having others being used in the process.

I could have strangled Mr. G for changing a well baby visit appointment. Now that he is working part time, he couldn't be there anyways. I had one of those "car leaping" thoughts when I had to travel a little distance to a camera store RIGHT after she had 3 shots AND a blood draw. Eliza was NOT happy in that car seat or the camera store. Then she is wailing at all might as we are parked so my mother could find a Wegman's that carried sushi to go. Here I am racing home on the Through Way, hoping sushi in my mouth and praying to get home in time to drop off baby and gram in order to get to work on time.

Having Mr. G gone last weekend, we all survived our all girls weekend with what! My mother asked me what I wanted, and sadly I asked for a better storage system of Eliza's toys in our living room. One that looked more like real furniture and wouldn't come apart and on top of Eliza.

Going on a date with Mr. G tonight. I feel like I haven't really been able to connect with him in all this craziness. Not sure what the new "normal" will be after my mother returns home. Yet I have no clue or desire of where to go. Hrmph!

On a late night whim, I entered Eliza in the Gap Baby contest. I was an hour away from the contest entry date being closed. You were able to enter up to 5 times. Pictures had to be no older than 3 months and you were required to give a 50 word limit essay of 'How does your baby brighten the world'. I really don't know what exactly they are looking for. 20 finalists will be picked for a public voting. It would be a really neat thing to at least make it to the final 20 and the experience of it. I know there are lots of beautiful babies out there and I refuse to go looking through the gallery and compare Eliza to others. If it is God's will, she will make it and there is no reason to be sad if we never hear anything from our entry. She will always be my beauty no matter what.

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