Saturday, July 7, 2012

Out On a Shoot

I was blessed to do a newborn session for a wonderful mamma of my local MOPS group. I was so impressed for how good she looked for having a c-section only 6 days prior. Baby K so very sweet and tiny. Makes me wonder if Eliza was ever that small?

With this opportunity, I wanted to try out an idea of crafting something easy and cheap for a costume prop. As lovely as some other baby pictures can be with clever surroundings, I feel they can almost overwhelm the baby and take away the focus of this new life. All I did was find some green tights, tie one end in a knot, make a slit and then leave the rest open where I had cut the one leg off. The difficulty was not having my model ahead of time to see how things would fit and stretch around this peanut. But with a few alterations on the fly with scissors, there was success!

Oh course, after all has been said, done, packed up and edited...many more ideas come to mind which won't happen with the same family. I believe the success of some people's pictures is the very nature of the child or siblings cooperation. Then there is the surrounds you have to work with. Some houses have great bay windows which reach floor to ceiling, letting in all this natural lighting to your advantage. In this case, we had to move things from outside due to the wind and safety to the upstairs bedroom. The nice thing about it was a skylight right over the bed giving me some different possibilities. 

A lot of the reality of these shoots. Lots of crying and lots of breaks in between pit stops

Then they just curl up into this....

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  1. SO SWEET! I love this post. So innocent.. and adorable.