Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Labor and Delivery

Never thought I would be admitted to this floor until I was having some sort of contractions and be over 37 weeks...........

But I guess you can get an additional entry by having a gallbladder attack!

Sunday afternoon as I was driving home from a Pampered Chef party, I felt something come on much like the same pain of a contraction. The pain didn't stop but I chalked it up to not feeling so well before hand and thought laying down on the couch would solve it. Mr. G went to the church for a prayer meeting while I had Eliza.

Funny thing is...the pain didn't stop, but escalated. There was no such position I could get into to lessen this pain. I swore I was having back labor and Pitocin administered. Mr. G is called and we all head for the E.R. What a painful 22 minutes that was. The pain was so bad it was causing nausea. Then catching sight of a road kill Bambi with lower entrails falling out certainly didn't help, but Mr. G swears it was a raccoon dining upon. ACK!

We didn't wait long in triage, but with a new computer system in swing, a shift change and lots of patients...I kept begging for a doctor to approve me for some liquid relief. They were of course concerned about the baby and wanted to make sure they weren't really contractions. Two separate visits to the ultrasound room came after I got something good going through my IV.

To make a long story short, after being there for 6 hours, with a 15 mo old, I was being admitted to L&D for pain management of the many gallstones which were sprinkled on the screen. Mr. G took our tired and sleeping little lady home around 3 am. I will say however...it was so nice to cuddle with her on my chest after many months of not breast feeding. I was discharged later the next day after lunch. We had to meet with a dietitian to inform me of my new CRAP-TASTIC diet. Such a cruel thing to do to a pregnant woman and the cravings we can have. I guess I won't worry about gaining much weight this time around!

The hidden blessing of all of this was getting to gaze at our baby for a VERY long time on screen. Our tech was naughty and printed us off some pictures AND took a stab and the gender. If she was a betting woman, she would say its a 90% chance of a....

HA! Ya'll are going to have to wait until my 20 week scan to know the answer to this. But here are some fun shots taken.


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