Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Ever since we knew we were going to be expecting another baby around the corner, thoughts of logistics and what not came to mind with already having a baby to begin with. I knew the present crib wasn't all that suited to convert into a toddler bed since the mattress still sat a little high for my liking. Plus, we still needed that crib to be a crib.

God provides. From the same family we were given the hand me down crib, we were blessed with a toddler bed that was in need of some TLC. Some wood had been busted where a support bolt went through by the foot of the bed. They had painted it blue from the original cream it came in to suit both their boys. With some replacement hardware and a quart of cream paint, we had a new bed for Eliza.

I was driven in wanting to start this journey of transition since I certainly don't have a baby for a daughter anymore. The high chair tray has been removed, making it a raised seat we push to the table. In fact, she can climb right into it herself!

Last night we did everything the same for the bedtime routine. After a story I lifted the mattress out from the crib, containing all the same smells of her present bedding and hoisted it to the new bed. With one song of "Jesus loves Me", I laid her down. She plunked her head down and just as I was leaving, the water works ensued. I just continued to leave the room like I always did when crying before night time happened in the crib. Our room is right next door and I laid down on the bed, listening intently for signs of escape and pidder patter towards the door.  With in 15 minutes, the cries stopped.

I had done it!

An hour later we both went in to check on her, only to find an empty bed. Where had she gone to!? Daddy found her all curled up on her blanket on the floor between the bed and glider. Eliza was scooped up and re-tucked in with out a peep.

At 8 am, I heard the usual wake up cry and then steps towards the door with pounds of protest. We made it the whole night!

Nap time today was more of a struggle with having to go in a few times to re-comfort, but I am writing this post as she sleeps.

On to big and bright things my not so little one :)

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