Monday, August 6, 2012

The small things

They can be as simple as de-cluttering your creative sewing/craft space. I've been slowly trying to add to my fabric stash. If I was motivated at the time, maybe they've been preshrunk...or not.

Yet, they would only become shoved on the top shelf in the open closet above the machine. It was pretty common to not always see what I had and overlook a pattern from this issue alone. So I shrunk, folded and sorted it all...even the fat quarters! Due to Eliza throwing mostly fits in the PnP and tossing all items on the floor, I felt it was time to ditch the sucker and use the space more appropriately for my ironing board. Now I don't have to work from the kitchen laundry area and make trip after trip down the hallway to the back office/sewing area.

It may have seemed small and not very impact full to the whole family needs, but what a WORLD of difference it makes to me :) 

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