Saturday, November 10, 2012

Com' On

Have you ever had one of those moments where it seems like you can't catch a break? You patiently wait and wait for an opportunity to bestow itself and yet something last minute comes up to rain?

I've been trying to get Eliza's 18 month pictures taken for some time now. As she is quite the strong willed toddler, I need a baby wrangler...aka Mr. G to help so I can better focus on getting the shots. With the rain and cold weather, I have been wondering if I will ever get these pictures done. 

As chance had it, things were warm enough and the sun also decided to peek through the clouds. But as chance also had it, Mr. G had to leave to play Taps at a gave side funeral. Okay, so we push on and give it a shot solo.

Things started out splendidly as I carried Eliza in my arms and then had my ankle roll while stepping out the back door and we fall together with my camera swinging around and clunking her in the head. We don't have a fenced in backyard so I didn't want her running in whatever direction. She of course had other ideas and this led to the melt down.

I called it quits when there was no chance for a happy smile no matter what Elmo song I sung and figured she was just tired. Nap time was something else and she kept complaining, crying and over all was a real crank fest.

Things have pretty much not stopped since then with only wanting to eat gram crackers and some juice. It is currently 7:30 and it feels like it has been all night with how much darker the day gets in the afternoon.

I only got a few pictures out of it, but nothing of what I had wanted to get with her special shirt picked just for this time. Maybe tomorrow will be better?


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