Saturday, November 3, 2012


I am buzzing with such the creative organizing high right now...

I blame this on a case of pregnancy nesting. But I LOVE organization that is cheap and easy to make myself and of course creative. I totally know why The Container Store does such good business. Organizing can be addicting. Now if ONLY I had a bigger house. I am such a nerd when I have a dream where I discover an extra room in my home or a room has all this extra space with a loft.

Just something I pinned on Pintrest

After walking around Target, I stumbled in the toddler toys section. They carry the B toys. Eliza has a few of their items from the grandparents. I just love how they are unique and not to much gender specific. Also, they have some of the classic wooden toy-ness incorporated in some.  
Eliza goes NUTS for this thing and drive US nuts with it during movies. At least it has a volume button!
The latest addition
Since I had sold a few items online that Eliza had outgrown or never got around to wearing, I decided that this magna doodle pad would be a nice thing to surprise my budding artist. No markers to dry out or lose, paper to rip through and minimal pieces. On the back is a bean bag pad, perfect for longer car trips. It retails for about $17 which doesn't break the bank. Mommy likes that factor :)

Then, I spot such the cute frivolous outfit for one of those baby milestone picture sessions. This is an inexpensive classy option for a boy when the girls have all those fairy wings and ballerina tutus. 

(Note, I am sorry to say that I was not sponsored by any of these companies. Thoughts and comments are of my own)

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  1. Wow... I feel the same way, I only my home was larger. i don't think even a mansion would hold all the cool crap I want to organize