Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Little of This, a little of That

Nothing too exciting going on here despite Sandy being in the recent news. We don't live coastal or anything, so I have experienced MUCH harder storms of wind and rain on a normal basis while living in the Vancouver WA/Portland  OR metro area. My in-laws who do live just outside of NYC still don't have any power yet, but aren't suffering any super hardships.

Halloween was very quiet around here. The weather was cold and wet, while those die hard trick or treaters were out and about, but not in our hood. We decided to go out of Chinese food and a trip to the rental store. After Eliza was secured in her room, we put on Prometheus. I've always been a fan of the early Alien trilogy, and it was interesting to get a little more back story. Despite some very vivid dreams afterwards, none contained any chest busters or face suckers :)

Can you believe it folks? I am nearly into my 3rd trimester. This month will start the every 2 week appointments. I recently did the dreaded glucose test. It came back with another elevated report back. Yet, it was only 1 point over my last pregnancy result of 148. The cut off is 140. Last time I did the grueling 3 hour test, making me very sick and weak. This time I put my foot down. Even though I did fast, I still had to take some medications. Not to mention, I was having the worst congestion and allergies kicking up. Just enough to throw off results, as I think the same happened the last time around.
   So the Dr. agreed to not force me through another test or label me as a gestational diabetic. Even more so, when my pee was tested at this visit, there was no positive for glucose present and I am measuring spot on. TAKE THAT! Sometimes, you just know your body well enough to feel at peace when you aren't even showing any other signs of GD. When I deliver the baby, they will however monitor his blood sugar. I'm okay with that. It is better than pricking myself 4 times a day and going in every week.

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