Sunday, November 11, 2012


During my last pregnancy, it took forever to get much of a baby bump. Then throw in the cold and snowy winters we get here and I wasn't exactly confident with myself in having pictures taken to mark that time in my life. Well, having a winter baby has pushed the bump to a better time this fall. With husband at hand, a directed him to get some fun shots. I SO wish I could take my own though!

There were many ideas I wanted to try out, but having an 18 month old showed me they are not always on the same page or book for that matter in cooperating for the sake of those special shots. So it was very much a take it or leave it and be grateful for what you did get shoot.

And for all that patience we asked of Eliza, we treated her to a short visit at the park. I say short because Mr. G didn't heed my warnings about the big kid swings and she went forward, earning half a face full of mud!

Over all, I guess I am content with the picture we got over this weekend. I am not exactly thrilled with how big I look, but what pregnant woman DOESN'T pick apart her appearance? The chances of getting another weekend like this in November are slim to none, especially with how much darker the afternoon gets. Noon to 4 pm is the most ideal time window if the sun shows its face. 

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  1. I think you look aww-some and those photos turned out great! I especially love the shoes on the swing shot.

    hang in there mama.