Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just a Few Thoughts

Pregnancy in your late 2nd trimester and your bowling score do not go well together. Who knew?

Feeling guilty at how much the TV is on playing Netflix. Most of it is educational ie Sesame Street and all....yet I find I have a more pleasanter child that lets me get some sort of work done around the house. Sometimes she just sits there and watches, other times she is busy messing around the house. We live in a very media rich culture and Eliza isn't at an age where I can chase her out of the house to play outside. Even I myself like the noise going on as I go from room to room.

Looking pretty set on sleepers and onesies for baby boy for the next few months of NE weather. Starting to feel the nesting itch, but it feels different the second time around. Feels more like a chore than a fun activity. It could be the fact that both kids will share a room and most of the "work" is done already. No new room decore theme to toil over. Sigh...but things could be much worse.

I have been quite successful in my domestic wife skills as far as meal planning. I love having something more balanced and good to eat than scavenging over bowls of cereal, lunch meat and cheese or potato roll sliders with butter.

I am at that point where even maternity clothes make me feel awkward. Then the normal wear isn't long enough to cover appropriately. Sigh....only 15 more weeks right?

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