Saturday, October 13, 2012

A West Coast Dumpster Score

There is nothing sweeter than finding some piece of discard that has big potential for someone else....

My mother found this glider foot stool out by the dumpster near her boyfriends retired apartment complex. The fabric was faded and missing a button in the upholstery, but the mechanics and bones were in excellent shape. So when we did our big San Diego trip, she pulled this treasure out to see if I could do anything with it.


You seen, right before Eliza came into our lives, we had our 2nd year wedding anniversary...not to mention our tax return check:) Before we were married, I declared a rider to the marriage vows, "If you knock me up, you will gift me with a nice padded glider rocker for this blessing." When that time came, I looked and looked for something in our budget, and something that would also look more like any room furniture when those fleeting chapters were no more. After finding something, I came to the conclusion that I didn't have to have the matching $150 ottoman. It was nice, but trying to consider was a bit too much. Oh how I wanted one though since!

Mother and I promptly went to Joann Fabric to look at home decor material. I had always admired the geometric and modern prints, but it is always a bit pricey and I haven't felt the urge to make curtains or throw pillows for myself. The sex of the baby was not 100% identified, but enough to make me try and consider possibilities of something boy friendly. Yet, we still have a girl who will be sharing the room. This might be a tad girly, but HEY, its for me ain't it?

Here you will see the easy step by step process of reupholstering the pad. I know many may know this stuff already, but if you haven't taken that plunge with a staple gun and fabric...this is for you! 

Not much for chic decor

Hey, it's got a nice frame

Cut your fabric long enough so it will wrap along all sides that will be exposed, plus a little extra to be stapled. Put one staple on each side at the mid point. This will ensure you don't have any wrinkles on the other side which will be seen.

Do each side, pulling an inch or so of fabric to be stapled until you get to the corners. Leave those for later.

I took the extra corner fabric and folded it inward, much like wrapping a gift. It should make an angled overlap to be seen on each side.

After you've tackled the corners, feel free to be a perfectionist and cut away any extra fabric past where your staples are in place. Depending on your piece of furniture, you can now reattach it to the base. If it can't be removed, all is still possible but may take longer to staple.

And Voila! A new cushion pad with no wrinkles or having to spend big $$$

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