Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Like These Visits

Just got back from my 23 week OB appointment. I was nervous for this one simply for the fact that it feels weird to be showing this early compared to my last pregnancy. I hadn't gone crazy on the food, but less careful with being low fat conscious.

When I step on the scale, I make sure to remove as much extra clothing weight as possible like shoes, jacket, keys and cell phone. Then I step on it backwards as to not see the digital display. Questions are then asked if I was up or down and by how many pounds.

I felt VERY good hearing I was down a pound, so my pound gained from last visit is gone!

I am still under my starting weight for this pregnancy :)

After gaining 36 pounds in the last round, hearing 4 pounds gained after each appointment was rather discouraging. With only have a little over a year after the birth of Eliza and getting pregnant again, I of course was worried about added weight gain.

I like these kinda of appointments :)

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