Tuesday, October 23, 2012

18 Month Appointment

Here we are again at the Doctors for a well baby visit. I was curious as to just how heavy my little girl had become since Mommy was feeling it all the more with being pregnant. Eliza is starting to remember more now about these appointments and that they are not exactly fun moments.

Here is where we stand:

Weight: 23.9 (38th %)
Height: 32" (59 %)
Head: 45.5 cm (20th %)

It looks like I am still cautiously able to pick my little girl up with out concern for my own safety yet in doing too much, but that will of course change when the baby is here in the first few months in lifting much of anything else than said baby. Hard to think I am 26 weeks along now. Last baby at this time I was already into January, feeling like April was so very long away.

If I can just get myself to Christmas, it will be mostly down hill from there. The kids will be on winter break, leaving a lot less stress and physical strain in the daily work details, then January 11th I go on maternity leave. But even trying to get to Christmas seems like a giant mountain in the distance.

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  1. Our Baby Well Visits arent until next month, basically Thanksgiving. So far away. Blah!